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Headline from Russia Insider reprint of the enclosed: The So-Called ‘Bellingcat’ Is a Western MSM Shill Posing as an Alternative Truth Crusader

Published on Deep Resource, May 25, 2015

Eliot Higgins

Eliot Higgins

The blogger Elliot Higgins conveys an image of a goody chap… who lives somewhere in a modest flat and spends all his time to find out the truth behind the headlines, by merely using his brain, laptop and internet connection. A fine pro bono example of civic journalism in action. Every now and then he tears himself away from his laptop screen to feed his cat, rock the cradle of his third child or go to the supermarket to buy coffee and a can of soup and pays for it with coins, not bank notes. Elliot Higgins has one passion in life and that is the truth and people in general are more inclined to believe a British nerd than representatives of the Ukrainian secret service or the CIA.

And all the mainstream media in the world are using his ‘research’ to add credibility to their own news casting, because the MSM realize very well that the internet is used by many as an alternative source of information with a reputation that on the internet ‘real unfiltered information’ can be found. Higgins claims that he gets his modest funds via crowd sourcing, a method recommended by none other than NATO chieftain Philip Breedlove:

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