US complicity in Israeli war crimes

Originally published by PressTV. Video:   A total of 700 more Palestinians have been slaughtered during the last 24 hours in the Israeli regime’s genocide in Gaza. As [...]

Unerwünschtes Gedenken

11-11-2023 Frankfurt: Stadt verbietet Kundgebung zur Erinnerung an Nazipogrom mit Verweis auf Anmelderin Von Susann Witt-Stahl Die Stadt Frankfurt am Main hat am Mittwoch abend eine Kundgebung mit dem Titel »Nie wieder Faschismus – [...]

Activating the Genocide Convention

Posted November 13, 2023 By Craig Murray There are 149 states party to the Genocide Convention. Every one of them has the right to call out the genocide in progress in Gaza and report it to the United Nations. In the event that another state [...]

Indigenous Solidarity with Palestine

October 26, 2023 The Red Nation The past two weeks of horrific violence in Gaza resulted from 75 years of Israeli settler colonial dispossession, 56 years of military occupation, and 16 years of an open-air prison for 2.2 million people, half of [...]

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