Death of petrodollar is a Biden legacy

By M.K. BHADRAKUMAR originally published on Indian Punchline. The Deep State should have been alert five years ago when Candidate Joe Biden announced that he, if elected as president, was determined to make the Saudi rulers “pay the price, and [...]

War and peace on the Korean peninsula

There is no reason to opt for war, and therefore, there is no intention of unilaterally going to war, but once a war becomes a reality, we will never try to avoid it, and we will take perfect and prompt action in order to defend our security, [...]

Why BRICS is rising

And the US-dominated global order is falling By Leah Gunn Barrett originally published on Substack. Russia, a BRICS member, officially became the 4th largest economy, overtaking Japan, according to the World Bank. The figures are based on [...]

China springs a BRI surprise on US

By MK Bhadrakumar originally published on Indian Punchline. The report of the death of China’s Belt and Road Initiative [BRI] was an exaggeration, after all. Within days of the US President Joe Biden’s acerbic remark during an interview last [...]

On China’s overcapacity

By Shiran Illanperuma, originally published on On China’s overcapacity The article below, written for Friends of Socialist China by Shiran Illanperuma, addresses the latest ideological weapon in the Biden-Trump trade war [...]

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