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News report on, May 25, 2016, translation by New Cold [Further below is the full text of the online discussion on May 25, 2016 between Alexander Zakharchenko, first minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, and residents of the Kherson region of southern Ukraine.]

The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, says the reunification of the Donets Basin [Donbass] with Ukraine is possible if there is a change of government in Kyiv and the consequences of the coup d’etat of February 2014 were reversed.

He said this on May 25 during an online discussion with the residents of the Kherson region of southern Ukraine, reports the Donetsk News Agency (DAN).

“Ukraine must return to a proper state, that is, there needs to be a change of government and the coup of 2014 must be repudiated,” Zakharchenko said. “Ukraine must carry out a de-Nazification, restore a democratic state and conduct free elections.”

Zakharchenko added that Kyiv should have constitutional reform to transform the country into a unitary federation. “These are the principles on which our Donetsk People’s Republic could begin negotiations with Ukraine.”

Zakharchenko had online-conferences earlier with the people of two other regions of Ukraine: with Kharkov on April 20 and with Odessa and Bessarabia on May 4.

Complete text of online discussion between the First Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, and residents of the Kherson region of eastern Ukraine

DAN News, May 25, 2016. Russian language original here. [Enclosed below is a Google Translate from the Russian original text of the four-hour online discussion. The chronological order of the text, as published in DAN News, is bottom to top. Some corrections have been made to the Google Translate into English, but, with apologies, much of the translation is ‘as is’.–New Cold editors]

15:00  Dear residents of Kherson, on this, our time is up. I was very glad to talk to you from a distance. Your fighting spirit is not broken! Thank you and see you. I want to let you know that next week, will hold an online discussion with Donbas residents. This will take place in our typical format from a television studio to that’s online. The inhabitants of our occupied territories do not see our republican television channels, so for them the questions and answers will be posted on the web. Good-bye, God bless you!

Alexander Zakharchenko, First Minister of Donetsk People's Republic, speaks to resident of Kherson region of Ukraine in online forum May 25, 2016 (DAN News)

Alexander Zakharchenko, First Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic, speaks to resident of Kherson region of Ukraine in online forum May 25, 2016 (DAN News)

14:50  Tell me, please, what are your plans for the next five years? And just how do you see the Kherson region in five years, as part of the state?

Thank you! I do not know. I agree that in the current circumstances it is difficult to make plans for such period.But one thing is for sure. By this time, not only the Donbass and all the land of the Southeast and Ukraine, most likely, will be free from cruel and absurd Bandera authorities who seized the country in the Maidan.

[See 11:35 mark below: “The fight against the oligarchs has been facilitated for us by the fact that they all ran away from the Donbas at the beginning of the punitive operation by Kiev against us. Although they are now trying to get back in a roundabout way. But we have to remain vigilant. Removing the oligarchic economy is one of our main priorities.”–New Cold]

14:45  Aleksandr Vladimirovich! Just read what you have ordered to carry out all these “open primaries.” For anyone who supports the Donbass, it means only one thing. So, you have agreed to be allowed to participate in all Ukrainian elections, the party and especially the media, which called for two consecutive years to kill you. How so?

I can advise: read less Ukrainian media. The same Ukrainian media have turned my words and tried to run misinformation. I even had to make an additional comment. Our position remains unchanged. All Ukrainian parties that by word, act or omission was supporting the punitive action against the Donbass are criminal organizations and should expect accouonting before the courts. The courts do not participate in the elections, especially here. Believe me, our residents are so angry at all these parties that no army in the world can not ensure the safety of those here who were called to destroy the Donbass.

None of the Ukrainian parties, none of the Ukrainian politicians, who by action or inaction, silence or openly blame for the war in the Donbass, will not be here. We have enough forces and military units to keep them out of here. And if someone has secretly penetrated here, then I am not responsible for the safety of these people. People Donbass so angry that this policy will be to live as long as he did not announce who he is. If you wish to die with dignity in the Donbas – come. We can help.

The same applies to Ukrainian media. Each media will be checked for whether or not they supported the punitive, and if so, the way our elections ordered for them. And it’s almost all Ukrainian media, to my knowledge.

So do not worry. We stand firmly on its position. And Russia supports us, which is very important in the international arena.

14:41  Dear Alexander! What kind of night phone conversations of an armed international mission in Donbass? You can not fail to understand that any armed person from the West on the territory of the NPT – is a potential enemy, whom you let into your yard.

Last night we had a meeting with the ministers of transport, education and security.No military missions with these people, I did not discuss.And if your question is about the negotiations, “Norman Quartet” I, unfortunately, can not allow or disallow them to talk during the day or night.By the way, Russia insisted that we were involved in these negotiations.Unfortunately, “Normandy format” does not respond to these proposals.

The talks between the leaders on the phone, “Norman Quartet” of which you speak, do not touch the armed mission in Donbass.Let’s divide correctly.There are approved in Minsk OSCE observation mission format.It does not work well, but it works.And it was in talks about how to arm small arms acting OSCE observation mission.What for?I do not know.In my opinion, it is meaningless.But if Poroshenko want to make small talk about anything, it is a matter of patience Putin, Merkel and Hollande – how much they will tolerate this balabolov.

But!About any change in the format of the speech was not and is not.About any new, especially armed missions in the area of our speech was no conflict and no.The Minsk Agreement does not provide any other format.

Therefore, I repeat: I do not understand why they need to be armed.Happiness for all the representatives of the OSCE, so far none of them died.Because none of them took up arms.Once this happens, they will be considered as a potential threat.Whatever like Germany, France, America, Ukraine arm OSCE personnel, it will not.Anyone crossing the border with weapons in their hands, and automatically becomes an enemy to be destroyed.

14:36  I am writing again because not found the answer to your question. So, if we go your way, we will find ourselves in the blockade. Our region has a lot of lives through agriculture, now the situation is deplorable – the production has nowhere to go. What will happen during the siege, and it is difficult to imagine. After all, Russia has found a way out and to agricultural products, and electricity, water, and here in the near future will be decided the question, and with a ground connection. In this scenario, the question arises, do we need more?

Somehow too mundane you reflect on the fate of their homeland.Yes, of course, the economic outlook – this is a very important question, if we do not know in the blockade.But I can assure you that the slogan “do not throw their Russian!” Is still here, and it has nothing to do with issues of benefit or gain.All of the large Russian World are equally important and dear to all of us.So do not worry, when they put the task of economic recovery Kherson land, we will solve these problems.

14:32  Vinnitsa: Hello, I want you to complain. Itself from the Vinnitsa region – the land of at least a small, but rich in agricultural resources, but the current government simply does not carry out the development of the region … Tell me, please, what do you see ways to solve this problem? Namely fighting “Vinnitsa oligarchic clans?”

I’m afraid that the problems encountered with the current Maidan power your region – in common with other regions of the country.Some actually dismantled industry, in other destroyed agriculture.Everything is for sale, directly or indirectly.

I will not be original if I say that the way to solve your problems alone – the region should seek a special status under the new Ukraine, which abandons unitary device.That special status should take into account the economic, demographic, cultural and historical features of the Vinnitsa region, as well as provide it with an opportunity to determine for itself its economic policy.And for this tax should remain in the area, and only a certain part of them within the framework of the agreement with Kiev should be transferred to the center.

In short, not Kiev must determine how to live and develop the Vinnytsia region, and herself.I am sure that you will better manage their resources and opportunities than in Kiev “bosses.”

14:25  A question about “Panamanian Securities” … Alexander, you, too, reach thousands of it, is not it? One of the companies registered in Bermuda and is a subsidiary of your company … Why do not you tell the inhabitants of this “young Republic” who are starving and are experiencing huge problems?

I understand Poroshenko got bored alone in this, “Panamanian list”?But I can reassure the person who asks, I do not have, unfortunately or fortunately, Bermuda offshore, accounts, and other things.I even left the business Donetsk, which was before the war.And if the questioner has the desire, let Poroshenko will give so that he shared with the residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic of the money that he had hidden in Panama.

14:23  Hello, Alexander! I’m with my family I want to move to Donetsk region for permanent residence (family 4 people, two sons – the athletes, the wife – entrepreneur) … What you need for this? In terms of instruments … The certificate of the private entrepreneur (Ukrainian) Does the DNI really? Sincerely, Alexander.

Good day, namesake!We are ready to accept all those who support our ideas and willing to work for the good of our Republic and its inhabitants.So come.Certificate Ukrainian private entrepreneurs have no effect, but you can quickly draw our here.And to the development of sports, we take very seriously.Especially considering the kind of sport, which are engaged in your sons.

14:19  Hello, Alexander! How can you promise us a better future in the “New Russia”, even if themselves can not police itself in the “Republic” ?!

You have something mixed up.I will not promise anything.Except one.If you choose the path of freedom, you’ll be able to decide their own destiny.Without instructions from the “center” as before, and without political terror as it is today.If you choose the path of freedom, then in co-operation with neighboring regions, including the Donbass, confident that your future will be better than now discern the background deteriorating economy of Ukraine in the framework of the Nazi regime.

As for restoring order in our Republic, then, I agree, this problem is still there.Civil war never helps to increase order.On the contrary, it increases the chaos.But we, I can assure you, seriously set about restoring order, and many have already achieved.People who have been with us a year ago and now come, do not recognize Donetsk in the city a lot of people and cars, and at the same time, if there are people with guns, it is only within the framework of their duties.Shops and cafes, especially in the center, which, fortunately, had not fired, open, and products are sold in a decent assortment and prices are often lower than in Ukraine.Regularly run factories that were closed during the active phase of the war.While some closed mines, ruined shelling Ukrainian military in the last year, we launched several new lava;in spite of the economic blockade on the part of Kiev, all utility systems operate.And the tariffs, I want to say we were before the war.How long I can enumerate.Although better come and see for yourself.Better, they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

14:19  Tell me, please, in case of the New Russia will include other areas of present-day Ukraine, including the occupied at the moment of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, what will happen to those citizens who actively supported and continue to support the current government in Ukraine, but for some reasons to remain at home?

It depends on how they would react to the new antibanderovskoy power.We do not need unanimity – everyone is entitled to their own views.The main thing that this person is not engaged in anti-state activities.If a person is the principal enemy of our country, then he can safely leave the Republic, determined beforehand at their discretion their personal and property rights.

14:15  How to live, Alexander?

Fair. This – the main thing.

14:14  Viktor Yatsenko, Minister of Communications DNI, born in Kherson: When it happens, Kherson Kherson await you at the resorts. Kherson thank you for your work. They see that the DNI team – a team that will bring peace to their homes.

I am happy that you are a part of our team.I’m glad to meet you and to what you heart and soul to the people of Donbass.That disaster, which happened in our country, has found an echo in your heart, you have come here and are at war with us.Fate brings us to the people that should be reduced.I am proud to have met you on my path of life.Therefore, dear residents of Kherson, thank you for your countryman.For the fact that he is with us, and together we will build including your happy future.

14:13  Viktor Yatsenko, Minister of Communications DNI, born in Kherson: In 2014, DNR adopted a memorandum that the Donetsk People’s Republic is the legal successor of the Republic of Krivoy Rog-Donetsk. Kherson Republic was part of the LSC and did not come out from there. We want you to help us enter into the NPT, as it was historically.

This is not a question this statement, because we recognize that we are the successors of the Republic of Krivoy Rog-Donetsk.So, the whole territory of the LSC applies to us.Kherson region, and many other towns are of the territory in which we may openly claim.The second point.It would be desirable to our enemies, who shout that the idea of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the New Russia as a whole is dead, they can upset – not dead.This is a historical event that has already occurred, and today is just the restoration of historical justice.When she recovers – this question, but I’m sure it will happen soon.We have pouchastvuem in the construction of the state.

14:12  Alexander, now one of the leaders of the SBU – if the former, or current – said that they could and still can capture you and bring in Kiev. How so? Who are you engaged in security issues? You need not only the Donbas, but all of us – New Russia, Ukraine and Russia. Tell me, how to understand it?

Do not worry) Poroshenko may declare that it can reach the moon.So what?Say – do.I assure you that if the “dill” could, they would have long ago or killed, or captured me.Why did not they?Because weak.Even on the battlefield, they saw me in binoculars, but could do nothing.And security in our Republic are engaged in excellent specialists)

By the way, I have not once asked if I could grab and bring in Donetsk those or other political figures of Ukraine, guilty of war crimes against the people of Donbass?Our specialists say that yes, this is possible.But I do not think this is correct.Ukrainians themselves have chosen some criminals who was appointed to the posts of others.And this is their responsibility.Let them catch and judge its criminals.This right is the Ukrainian people “deserve.”And we can pass on to our convictions court materials.

14:05  I understand that this is a question without words? Then here is my answer: Poroshenko and his clique are willing to incite ethnic hatred in the Kherson land Majlis supporting militants. Do not give in to provocations. Clearly separate the Crimean Tatar people from these terrorists from the Majlis.And by confronting the terrorists and aggressors, and seek union support from the Crimean Tatars from the Crimea in particular.Majlis supported Poroshenko and Co. – is the common enemy of Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatars!

13:59  Hello, please tell us, where we were to take such brave men as in the Donbas, that they protect us from the Nazis, from the Nazis? It is terrible for the children, because the people in power are trying to erase history, not the strength to endure it! Or create a women’s battalion? How to defend against these bad people? Save you, Lord!

I am confident that the brave men enough in Kherson.Do not sailors brave people?They are generally on the outlook, in readiness for the danger and even death similar to our miners.And the nature of their similar.The sailors go to sea as well as miners descend into the mine – every time, maybe the last one.So just keep your men in their readiness to resist the occupation of Bandera.A female battalion?Well, it’s great!I am sure that it will raise the morale of your men.And in general all those who fight for freedom in the former Ukrainian.

13:54  At the moment, Germany, France, Russia, the United States actually acknowledged that the NPT is an autonomous republic within a federal Ukrainian. This is recorded in the Minsk Agreement. Position of Kiev known. What, in your opinion, the powers of Donetsk People’s Republic could be delegated to Kiev as part of a federal or confederal Ukraine? I understand that the defense, foreign and domestic policy, economy, customs, defense, security, border security, history, education, neo-Nazis to trust no one, and this is true, and therefore right. What, in your opinion, may remain common?

Sincerely. Nicholas

Dear Nicholas, if the issues you listed – defense, foreign and domestic policy, economy, customs, security, border security, history and education – to leave us (well, I still would have added taxes), we will be satisfied.In this case, we can provide as an independent course of our nation and the well-being of our residents.The case for small – to force Kiev to agree to all this, and to withdraw its troops from the entire territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, including the now occupied territory.

13:48  I am a resident of Kherson and do not want to submit to the Kiev authorities, speak Ukrainian, embroidered walk in, walk freely with St. George ribbon on Victory Day. What should we do? We were intimidated and persecuted, we are not allowed to freely talk about our history. This is my native land, I want to live and raise their children, and it is now attacked by the enemy – Ukrainian maydanutaya power. You are considering the possibility of expanding the boundaries of New Russia to Kherson, Odessa and Nikolaev regions? Thank you for Kherson!

What to do?Firstly, do not succumb to provocation Bandera, who want to divide the people of the Ukraine. Ukrainian language – a beautiful language, embroidery is also very nice. It Bandera try to cause us hatred for these things. They operate on the principle of “divide and rule”. That is why we have in the Donbass Ukrainian language develops freely, and no one rushes to the people who come out to the street in embroidered shirts. On National Unity Day, we speak both Ukrainian and Tatar, and Greek, and Jewish and Roma groups. Everyone, and I do not remember. And we welcome all the same. Because we are all – parts of a free Russian world, and together confront the misanthropic ideology of “Ukrainians”, which divides and humiliates people.

So do not confuse the target. Fighting is not necessary with the Ukrainians, and together with the Ukrainians against the criminal regime!

13:40  Dear Alexander! Poroshenko recently said he was willing to give us autonomy in Kherson the Majlis supporters who call themselves Crimean Tatars, and then create the armed Islamist battalions. We are terrified! Is that possible?

Alas, for the sake of short-term political gain, especially in the international anti-Russian coalition, which includes Turkey, Poroshenko will always be ready to sacrifice the interests of the people of Ukraine. And it may well go on then to cut you a piece of land and give it to the Majlis. And it’s disgusting! Not that the Crimean Tatars are provided the right to national and cultural autonomy – it is just right, and Russia has shown how to do this, in the Crimea – is disgusting that in the Kherson land, wanting to please his Istanbul accomplices, Poroshenko may push together Russian, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, to provoke hatred between peoples.

What to do in these circumstances? First, clearly divide the Crimean Tatars as a nation with its history, culture and the rights and supporters of the Majlis, which has become a terrorist organization. And prepare mass protest events: meetings, collecting signatures, etc. And it is very desirable that your protest was supported themselves Crimean Tatars from the Crimea because medzhlisovskie militants cast a shadow over their people.

13:35  All my childhood was spent in Berislav. They buried my heroic grandmother with grandfather – participants defense of Sevastopol! What do you think, when will once again become possible for citizens of the Russian Federation freely enter Ukraine without fearing for your life, your car, your property, and freedom?

After the fall of the Bandera illegal regime. And I am sure that our heroic ancestors – the winners of the Nazis in 1945 – will help us from heaven to fall down this criminal regime, obsessed inhuman ideology.

13:31  Alexander, welcome you! I have many questions for you and your friendly team. First of all, the first question is: When are you going to visit Kherson Nikolaev End with a friendly visit?

Second: Plan Your Visit Kherson Regional State Administration End City Hall, please consult with us in advance for a proper meeting and support. Gifts we have prepared.

And third: walking in the Kherson region, neither you nor your accompanying persons will not be bitten or Black Widow, nor vipers. Sanitation will hold all of the collective farm. Wellcome!

Thank you for the invitation and for the ideas for the preparation of the party)

From such an invitation, frankly, it’s hard to give up, so we can start planning. Get in touch, discuss responses presents owners)

13:27  Eugene ( “Afghan”): The situation is critical in the Kherson region, the organizers of the blockade – banal criminals, rapists … We would very much like its small guerrilla group to join the army in a single system the Southeast “in Ukraine.”

Alexander, we admire the heroic Donbas and want to be useful to the common cause. Can we rely on mutual aid? Other way, as the popular uprising there.

Eugene, you have already merged into a single system of South-East Army. Because this army is the nature of the network. The main thing – communication. Therefore, you as an experienced person will find, I think, the ability to find a safe way to communicate. Get in touch with a link to this straight line.

In general, I must say that your words I was very pleased. Men, the military must defend the honor and freedom of their loved ones, their people. Therefore, you are done!


Alexander, I think to come to the DNR work. Reserve officer, tanker, 53 years old. I think in “Lad Camp” could be useful – is now just a little limp. Phones? Contacts?

Come, we need experts. In particular, in order to teach the new recruits. Especially with such a military specialty. Find a way to secure communications. Link to this straight line. Maybe with a convenient opportunity, may, at the safe or disposable phone or via the Internet, do not forget about safety.

13:15  What is the purpose to arrange a live broadcast and does not answer the tough questions? Especially regarding bribes at checkpoints, attacks allegedly by the APU, non-admission of the OSCE SMM, fake interviews Eduard Basurin?

Dear, “inconvenient” questions that you asked, concern in more residents of Donbass. And I will answer them in a straight line with them. And you can read. It’s about the bribes.

As for the “alleged” attacks by punitive, then I say today about this, and our residents will tell as about the “non-admission” of the OSCE SMM. Well, about “fake interview” Edward Eduard Basurin I do not see the issue. Ask – answer.

However, with regard to the OSCE SMM, here the day before our Donetsk staged a rally so hotel, which “monitors” watch. The main requirement for observers were to do their job and do it honestly and in good faith. I just did not have time, and then went to join the rally. And he would have held the poster together with the citizens.

13:11  Do you plan to expand the boundaries of Donetsk and Lugansk regions? After the shelling did not stop, though, and do not have the intensity as before. Thank you.

Yes, the restoration of the Donetsk People’s Republic within the borders of the former Donetsk region of Ukraine – this is our priority. And there are political and legal bases: conducted on the entire territory of the Donetsk region, including in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol referendum May 11, 2014. However, at the moment, at least, before the Kiev contrary to the Minsk agreements will start an offensive, we expect to resolve the issue of reunification of parts of the Donetsk People’s Republic of diplomatic means. There is a chance that the issue will be the result of the Minsk process. And we want to try to take advantage of this chance. For one simple reason: the war – it’s scary and sad. War necessarily lead to loss of life, including civilians, and the destruction of human habitats. Unlike Kiev, we do not want to fight to the last inhabitant of Donbass. So today we are fighting at the negotiating table.

13:07  Alexander, in Ukraine every day gets worse and worse, it is simply impossible to live, when the “polite people” will be able to help us in bringing order ?!

The key word in your statement is not “polite people” (by the way, we have in the Donbass too polite), and “help us.” If you stand for a new, free life without Bandera, Russophobia, external control and the collapse of the economy, by and large, against the National treachery on the part of the Kiev authorities, you will, of course, politely help. Remember in “Brat-2”? “We do not throw at his war.” However, we are in peace are not accustomed to throwing their own.

13:03  Dear residents of Kherson, and other cities. As promised, I’m out in the “live”. Until, of course, with the help of the Internet. And just I want to say thank you for the questions that you sent in advance. It was important and interesting to read. Even those who own correspondents called “uncomfortable.” It is clear that the answers to them, I also prepared in advance, and they have already published, as I understand it.

But, as the questions keep coming, and time is limited, I will immediately proceed to the answers online.

12:57  If it were possible to go back to the beginning of 2014, what would you do and what is not? If it is possible, without slogans and cliches.

Without slogans and cliches? And with the knowledge that all resulted in? Let’s.They began to arm themselves not after “Maydan” and up. To stifle the Bandera Maidan reptile in the bud. All the other “that would do, and what – no” are waging war on.

In any case, it seems to me that once on the “Maidan” ultranationalist forces was committed Bandera coup, other events were on the logic that did not have an alternative. Including Donetsk refusal to recognize the “Maidan” and the introduction of Kiev in Donbass tanks.

12:53  Forgive me for selfishness, I understand how difficult for you, but still ask. How can you help us? We are here and the occupants of the destroyer battalions, and the new occupants of the Mejlis of the battalion, and the oligarchs, in fact the same occupiers? Can you help us in opposing this occupation?

Similar questions I have been asked from Kharkov and Odessa. I understand that we are far away, but! We live in a single information space, break and silence that can not even Maidan power with US support. The very fact of our communication with you is confirmed.

That’s why I decided to instruct my assistants to create a special resource in the Internet with the working title Information Office “South-East”. In this resource, we will publish “News Briefs”. Work this resource will be on a “national correspondent”. That is, people from all the lands of Ukraine can be sent to this website information that exposes the power with its political terror, the terrorists of the penal battalions and ultranationalist parties. In addition, you can – and should! – Send information about the illegal corruption authorities at all levels, including the “names, passwords, secret”. In general, it is possible and it is necessary to send the information about everything what is silent or lying about what illegal Kiev Bandera mode.

Publications on this resource, we will be able to deal with those who have seized power in Kiev and terrorizing the country. To date, the best weapon – the truth. True sometimes affects more than tanks and guns.

Here is what we can help you today.

We will provide for our News “South-East” maximum protection, but you do not relax. If you write it – use a floating IP, or other ways of avoiding the possibility of identify you. Remember, we are opposed to the wily and powerful enemy. It is clear that I am not about Kiev and its curators.

12:49  How, in your opinion, affect decline in living standards of ordinary citizens of Ukraine on the peaceful settlement of the conflict? Is it possible that the massive anti-war demonstrations forced the Ukrainian leadership to revise the format of relations with the Republic?

Very good question. I thought, so no one will ask. On the second point: of course, the massive anti-war demonstrations (and even a massive collection of signatures) will affect the policy of Kiev. After all, today he uses falsified public opinion polls and declares to the world that the majority of Ukraine’s former war. Prove that it is not so! Prove that most people do not want war. In the end, arrange a “peace march” in Kiev from all regions. They punitive and Bandera is not enough for you at all, because most of them are sitting here with us, immediately behind the line of demarcation.

12:44  Given the current political and economic situation in the Republic, if you are considering the possibility of implementing the project “a great New Russia”?

I do not like the word “project” in this context. You know, they used to say “the DNI project.” So, the People’s Republic of Donetsk – is not a “project”, it is – a reality. Every project has its beginning and its end. By Donbas is not the case. And New Russia, by the way, too. How many centuries of New Russia? How much of this time, through the lands of New Russia passed States modes invaders and liberators. How many wars, revolutions, renaming, etc. And you ask about it. This means that the New Russia – not a project. This – the historical fact and historical reality.

Will there be a New Russia on the map? It depends on us. But somehow I think that two years ago about the New Russia tens of millions of people remembered not for nothing.

12:39  Tell me, do you plan your future as a politician? And if you have plans to lead a whole new liberated Ukraine?

I became a reluctant politician. Just when I come a long truce, and we went to the restoration of destroyed and building our country, we had to do political work. Although, as in the military I have traits that for politicians, as I explain colleagues are drawbacks. I do not like to be photographed, for example, and I say all the time that is necessary. And for me, so it is necessary to do business, not to talk about it. That’s why I do not really like journalists. And that, as they say, is also a lack of policies. However, our journalists are aware of this and therefore are treated with understanding.

Generally, the journalists talk about how to fight, I find it easier to go and fight himself. As in Debaltsevo, when we had a war at all. It was necessary, I ranked number two at the gun. It is necessary, together with his friends raised to attack the others.

In general, it is difficult – to engage in politics. Fighting and easier to build.

But I like the military, including used to carry out the order. And serve. And when I was in November 2014 chose the head of the Republic, I took this as an order from the people. Well and serve. And if it is necessary to engage in politics – I will do it. As much as it is necessary for victory. And I’m learning all my life and am learning quickly. So we still contend with Maidana in the political field.

With regard to, as you say, a new, liberated Ukraine, my principles do not change. Will be called – will serve. But for this to happen a lot. In Ukraine.I have already said that rather than join the Donbass Ukraine, and Ukraine – to the Donbas. And it was not a joke. As soon as Ukraine and the Ukrainian people will come back to freedom, we unite. Donbass in captivity will not go, but ready to merge the free land in Ukraine, and provide them with all the help, on what is capable. Of course, together we are stronger.

12:35  Genichesk: Tell me, when it will be broken fascism? Good luck to you!

As I have repeatedly said, it depends on us. From everyone. Not a hurricane, an earthquake, swept away Bandera criminal regime and the people.

12:29  As residents of the NPT are the Minsk agreements?

I will not lie, bad attitude. And not even by the Minsk agreements, and to how they are executed. More precisely, they do not perform Kiev. Constantly I hear the question: why do you keep the Minsk agreement, if they do not comply with Poroshenko? To this question I answer is: Poroshenko and especially those who are behind it – from “Svidomo” nationalists to Washington – just waiting for us to have violated the Minsk Agreement. Then they zeroed all our achievements, and everything starts over again. But the Minsk agreement – this is really a diplomatic defeat in Kiev. And Kiev is aware of this. Even holding Kiev to Minsk format is constantly eroding the inside Maidan mode. And we gave respite Minsk agreement, and we are in a very high rate of building our state, restoring the ruined punitive and provide as much as an acceptable standard of living of our people.

Of course, each shelling our towns, every act of terrorism generates in our desire to sweep away the inhabitants and behind the line of demarcation Ukrainian troops himself Kiev regime. But it is – a big war. And a huge number of victims. We are not Kiev – we’re not going to fight with him to the last donbasstsa.

Now we are at war on the political and diplomatic field. And win. Let slowly, but wins. So while it is possible to ensure our victory by political means, we will use them.

Well, if Kiev will not stand the nerves, and they will go on the offensive, then they will not be spared, and then wait for us, including at home.

12:24  Gennady Buymov, St. Petersburg: how people live in the Donbass? What are their mood? Do you have the strength to stand up ?! It is for you to experience, I would go to you, but a bit old – 73. Probably will not take. Although it would be useful in the rear.

Thank you, father. Everyone has to fight in his place, because the goal we share. People Donbass survive – not as experienced hard times and won. A mood? Soon there will be a straight line from the Donbas residents. There and see. There are many problems. But a lot of them at all. The main thing – the desire to solve these problems. We want to solve them, and are willing to pay for it all the powers and resources.

12:18  Hello!! Alexander, explain how you have enough heart after Yelenovka not give the order to attack?

Hardly enough. You do not even know what ask, because what I saw there, did not set out in the media. And thank God, I guess. But!As the head of state and commander in chief, I must not give in to emotions and to think about the consequences of their orders. Therefore, in relation to the criminals who committed the terrorist act in Elenovka, I made a different decision. And it will soon be implemented. Just as in relation to the criminals shot at Bosse trolley. All offenders, especially from the destroyer battalions, must understand that retribution is inevitable.

A heart? Another notch on it, though, and so all the scars of war for two years.

12:12  Dear Alexander! I fully support the DNI in the fight against Nazi-Bander, the current Bandera ukrovlast consider criminal. In communication with others I can see how people are addicted to what they say and journalists ukroTV ukroradio. “Knowledgeable” frequently asked questions such as: * Why “there” (in the Donbass) shooting, and in Dnepropetrovsk do not shoot? (Although it is clear that the Donbass protects himself from the Nazis, there lomanuvshihsya tanks) *  Why the DNI requires Ukraine to pay pensions to pensioners? (Although it is clear that retirees a lifetime to pay taxes to the treasury of the Ukrainian SSR and Ukraine)

Please give the answers to these questions. I am interested in how you can help financially, transferring money, so they hit the Donbass? And the main question for you, Alexander. What to do, how to resist the current regime, as the rock here is to throw this Galician Bandera stranglehold?

On the question you answer yourself quite qualified. And about the attacks, and about pensions.

To help financially, volunteer or seek humanitarian organizations, such as Russia, that have proven honesty and efficiency, and transfer the money to them. They know what kind of help is needed Donbas. Or just famous people who help organize the Donbas. I can name at least the writer Zakhar Prilepin. Find it on social networks, and see for yourself there.

As for the possibilities of resistance to the current criminal regime Kiev, I have repeatedly answered this question today and on previous online conferences with Kharkov and Odessa. Check them out on our website of news agency DAN.

12:07  Dear Alexander, I did not even question, and wish you and all the Donbas: peace, prosperity, and good! Suppose you could do it, and Donetsk People’s Republic is the best place in the world !!!

Thank you, we will try!

12:00  Dear Alexander! I am a resident of Mariupol. Question: The visit of a shepherd of Kiev Nazis Payette 28/04/16 in the city of Mariupol – is that the final delivery of Mariupol Kiev authorities? After the arrival in Kiev is not, not in Kharkiv, namely in Mariupol – the largest city in the Donets Basin. Do metallurgical heart of Donbass – Mariupol – not one of the main components of the Donetsk Republic? Can there be such an online meeting to Mariupol?

Although the question is not of Kherson, but there too there are similar. Therefore, I will answer you.

The visit, as you call it, “a shepherd Kiev fascists” in Mariupol – a symbolic gesture. Kiev under Washington’s patronage at all inclined to get involved in such symbolic gestures designed to have an impact on public opinion in the country and demonstrate the confidence of Kiev abroad. Like, if Poroshenko speaks in Slavyansk, and the American ambassador in Mariupol, it means that the city will always remain near Kiev. It does not mean anything!

These symbolic gestures are irrelevant to the real future. For the real future of Slavic and Mariupol relate those reprisals – physical, economic, and cultural – that the Kiev regime has our city. And this repression does not overlap in the public consciousness by any symbolic gestures, whether it is march vyshivanok or visit the American ambassador.

Just Kiev caught from Washington certainty is that people – rednecks and stupid. And this is not the case. We are in the Donbass have long seen that people tend to be more intelligent than their power. Just power more organized, and on its side of the tools of violence. But if people self-organize and take away power tools, then it – the people – shows who’s smarter. If you do not believe me, read the history of the Donbas in the past two years.

11:56  Alexander! When we have to hang war criminals ???

You know the difference between normal people from the war criminals? The fact that war criminals hanged disagreeable people on your own, but normal people – by the court. That is why we are now collecting materials for the prosecution of war crimes those politicians and military in Ukraine, which they have committed.

While we remember that there is still “Israeli option”. That is, if the apparent perpetrator can not be punished by the court, then the wages he still overtake anyway.

11:56  What is the currency in the NPT, and whose budget pays taxes to the Republic?

We still operates multi-currency system, even though in fact the main currency is the Russian ruble. But you can still be calculated the hryvnia, the dollar or the euro. Multi-currency system has become our response to the economic blockade from Kiev.

And the taxes we do not pay anyone. With tax we form its own budget which is spent on the needs of the Republic and its people.

Actually, for this and we spoke two years ago in a referendum. For an independent, autonomous development. Not only economic but also political, cultural, etc.

11:53  Tell me, dear Alexander, to be honest, the people of Donbass wanted in Russia, why you have not there? And are there any plans? When will be a referendum on accession to the Russian Federation? No force is already in my family is a miracle waiting! Thank you.

To be honest, the people of Donbass held and still hold different views about the future. And the main achievement of our Republic at this point is just what is the future for our people openly. Other future. And no one – neither the Americans nor the armed Bandera nor the oligarchs – will not be able to prescribe for our people’s future. This is called freedom – the ability to decide their own destiny and choose the future. It is a pity that the people of Ukraine today is deprived of this right.

Coming back to your question. A referendum on accession to Russia – this is one of the possible ways of development of Donbass. But you will agree, a referendum should be carried out when there is an opportunity to realize the choice that people make. This is a referendum on independence, which our people have spent the May 11, 2014, we have been able to realize, though paid for this choice is a very high price. And just this price – the lives of our citizens cast in the struggle for independence – dictates that we need to finish this fight. We need to build an independent state, then we will solve all the people which way to go. You understand that we do not live in a vacuum. There are neighbors, there are interested players in the international arena, there is the international community itself, from the opinion which depends not only on the independent existence of the Donbass, and even the well-being of each of our resident. In the end, let us not forget that for reunification not only need the will of all the parties, but also opportunities – political, economic, etc.

Therefore, we will make a decision on holding a referendum on accession to Russia when we are confident that we can realize the choice of our people, whatever it was. And today, by the way, as the sociology, among the options most desirable future for our people, there is an option of joining Russia and the option of a sovereign independent state.

Therefore, all the time.

11:50  Do you believe the Russian propaganda that the leadership of Ukraine is Ukrainian nationalists? Given that the Ukrainians in the leadership of Ukraine is not and never has been, since March, 2014.

And the question is something interesting. Let’s order.

Firstly, it is not a Russian propaganda. I’m talking about what I see and what I know. Me, especially in my current position, it’s difficult to “handle” propaganda. For the reason that I have much more information about the process than the “promoters”. Rather, I am their “elaborate”.

Secondly, I believe that the leadership of Ukraine is a supporter of “Ukrainians” and Ukrainian nationalists? If clarify the issue and to speak not about nationalists (they are different), and an ultra-nationalists or neo-Nazis, the leadership of Ukraine their units. Most of it – “dealers” and just lovers of power who want to satisfy their ambitions.

But!This ultra-views and will determine the policy of official Kyiv. Leaders of Ukraine depends on the ultra Bandera minorities, which led him to power. And now it is also ultra-armed minority. Leaders of Ukraine – hostage. Although this does not mean that I feel sorry for them. They have made their choice and deserved their fate. Unflattering, I think. After close to the time when his word to say Ukrainian majority, which is now suffering from the dictatorship of the minority frostbitten Bandera. And the current leaders of Ukraine, which was released this genie out of the bottle, will answer for their deeds before the people’s court.

As for your hint of the nationality of those who are part of the Ukrainian leadership, you are behind the times. Nationality does not play the main role. Among the “Svidomo Ukrainians” are people of different nationalities, including Russian, by the way. “Ukrainians” – an ideology, not ethnicity.

Lower Serogozy: What are the issues? Everything is clear. Thank you and kowtow. Take care of you, God, guys, and see you …

Thank Lower Serogozy, and … see you!

11:46  Lyudmila H .: I’m from Switzerland, we collect humanitarian aid for Donbass, but always with the transport problems we have. And it is very difficult to raise money for transportation, we ourselves are paying stocks themselves are driving to collect aid. Who could help us with transportation?

Thank you, Lyudmila, for your help. For us it is very important. I will give the command to his assistants, so they contact you at the specified coordinates and solved the problem.

11:44  How people can be organized? How to determine who is his own, and who is an agent provocateur?

Let’s spin doctors, I’ll work. To organize and to understand who is who, it is necessary to use the principles of the creation of online communities. Here’s how one person – for example, you own – can create a network organization? We must look for people.

First, you need to follow the inner circle. That is to talk with your family and best friends (they are, as a rule, very little of this – units). Find out whether they hold the same views as you do, and are willing to sacrifice there to begin with free time to create a great community. Relatives and friends can even ask to be assisted at the first stage.

Then you remember all his good friends – classmates and the staff at work, and similar family communities. You begin dating and pronounce them. Those people you know even a little bit, and can pre-suppose, with whom you can talk openly with and who not.

Then he takes her phone book and read through it carefully, again on looking for those people to whom you can trust.

At the next level, each of those with whom you talked, doing the same thing, all the circles. So you can create your online community for which it is necessary to come up with a legal (!) Type of activity that you all together, or parts could make common cause (the church liturgy, by the way, is translated as a common cause). That is, you have to come up for your community legal form of social activity that will allow you to gather and discuss the course of other serious issues.

Activity can be any. Collection of stamps, orphanages, joint trips to nature, etc.

Well, then we must look for other similar communities. For this is the Internet and social networks. But this outer perimeter, be extremely careful.

11:41  Dear Alexander, as your leg after being injured? How do you think all that Russophobic and anti-Soviet propaganda, which accelerates our media at high speed, in order to cater to overseas “rulers” and the Western “partners”, how long it will last? And when we will again be able to safely put on and wear the ribbons as a symbol of the Victory?

The leg is normal, pain after heavy loads, and they – all the time.

With regard Russophobian propaganda, it will continue to increase as long as the power of Bandera sitting in Kiev. Without this propaganda power collapse. However, it will collapse and with this promotion. Even, I would say, because of it, since this Russophobic propaganda becomes increasingly dull and straightforward, but because sooner or later begin to cause the opposite effect. People will understand that they make a fool, and go look for another alternative information. And our task is to find this information.

As far as the St. George’s ribbon, then I’ll tell you, as a man who has gone to war fire and water. St. George Ribbon is not in vain, as you rightly said, a symbol of victory. It is necessary to carry DESPITE fears. How we did it on May 9 in Ukraine tens of thousands of people in different cities. Do not wait until allowed, and to ensure that did not interfere. It is understandable that Bandera and priёmyshey St. George ribbon – a glowing number will not say where. Well, that wait until the last-re? Alas, the “re-educate” them can only ourselves. Here we are in the Donets Basin for two years to re-educate. Quite successfully.

11:38  Genichesk – Russian city! Welcome I admire the courage of the people of New Russia in the fight against the Nazis Bandera. Those defenders who are not hiding under the skirts of their wives in the territory of another state. I’m over 50. Continuous working time more than 30 years. So far work. Ready to give up everything, because to live in a fascist country bolsh6e no strength. I want to with the people of Donbass fight the fascists and defend Novorossia. Where do I turn?

Thanks for the support!If your decision is final, then find a safe (with the intercept point of view) way to contact my administration. You can, if you have a floating IP or otherwise protected access to the network, write to my official website in the “Applications” section. In this case refer you to a straight line from Kherson.

Still, think about how to deal with the illegal regime at home. During this and previous lines, I talked a lot about how to do it. If you leave the safe connection to my assistants – will tell more.

11:36  DNR is not able to restore the Donbass. As a part of which country you see the NPT after the war?

And where did you get the idea that the DNI is not able to restore the Donbass? We are already doing this. Just a note, we are on our restricted area, produced more coal than all the Donetsk region for the last pre-war year. Do you know why? Because we have eliminated corruption component of this industry. Only.We restore and run factories. Slow. I would like more, but still. Bread from the last harvest, we have provided themselves. In general, agriculture is on the rise, especially after we cleared the field in the internal areas.

And when we will achieve the reunification of all parts of the Donetsk People’s Republic, including with Slavyansk Kramatorsk and Mariupol, we generally will be self-sufficient state. So, again, with what you have, that we can not recover the Donbass?

11:35  Alexander, how the fight against the oligarchs? And the process of nationalization of enterprises? Do you think that all of the key means of production should be in the hands of the state (ie the people)?

The fight against the oligarchs has been facilitated for us by the fact that they all ran away from the Donbas at the beginning of the punitive operation by Kiev against us. Although they are now trying to get back in a roundabout way. But we have to remain vigilant. Removing the oligarchic economy is one of our main priorities.

However, we clearly distinguish between the oligarchs who have ruined and continue to ruin Ukraine, and a wealthy entrepreneur. If a man is rich, is able to organize production, and, most importantly, properly pay taxes to the treasury, we are only too happy to this. But if that same person tries to climb in politics and decision-making in the state – namely, it is a sign of the oligarchy, ie merging of business and politics – we shorten it quickly. This option will not work with us.

On your question of nationalization, I almost said. It is for us – not an end in itself. In the present circumstances, in general the most appropriate way – a public-private partnership. This path allows, on the one hand, to attract investment, and on the other – to adequately monitor the development of the economy in the state. And do not get carried away bookish theories and try to book the theory put into practice. Life is complicated any textbook or any book on economics. So it is necessary to solve problems in the most effective way, based on the current situation. The main thing is that the goals were the right ones. And here they are – the right, because the main – well-being of our citizens.

11:31  I do not question – offer. If you build a house with individual oven heating, from Kherson, we are ready to share all available quite a lot of practical experience. If the offer is interesting for us to associate with the architectural department and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic. Of course, the need to modify our designs, taking into account the specifics of the local fuel.

Thank you, Nikolai Ivanovich I will pass your suggestion to our MOE. We still have a lot to recover from the fact that punitive destroyed so confident that your proposal will be carefully considered.

11:30  Do you think renamed Kherson in a simplified version of how to Dnepropetrovsk – the Dnieper? And to appear on maps Taurian Prikrymsko-autonomous Tatar Khanate (Republic)?

No, so what do you think – would not dare. Is that in the City-Dream. In general, this is a sad joke. While I’m here, commenting rename Dnipropetrovsk, accidental pun: imagine to sleep in Dnipropetrovsk, and woke up – in the Dnieper.

As for your second question, everything is worse. I do not rule out that for the sake of short-term political dividends Poroshenko and Co. can not only create, as you call it, “Taurian Prikrymsko-autonomous Tatar Khanate”, but in general will give Turkey a part of its – that is yours! – The territory, just to please an ally in the anti-Russian campaign.

11:28  No one was pleased with the destruction that brought the coup in 2014. But in the Kherson region, and there is no organizing force that could unite all who wish to oppose the current government of impostors. Regionals, Communists – all their leaders had disappeared. What to do?

Organize themselves. I have said repeatedly and Kharkov, and Odessa citizens and residents of Kherson is already here. There is no need to wait that someone will come and save you. Generally, this position is weak, Come free us. So weak Europeans waited in 1945 that the Red Army would come and save them. And ourselves, our ancestors themselves saved. And half of Europe at the same time had to release to suppress the evil in the bud.

We must organize ourselves. By intelligently, in a modern way, not substitute, to prepare for possible changes in the situation.

11:25  What steps should the government take Ukraine to the People’s Republic returned to its composition? Is this even possible?

To do this, Ukraine must return to the state government. That is to be a change of power should be condemned a coup in 2014. It must be carried out denazification. Then you need to restore the state, that is, to hold free elections and accept the succession in relation to the Ukraine, which was buried in the “Independence” as a state.

Then it is necessary to carry out this constitutional reform and to transform Ukraine into a unitary confederation, ie the free lands of the former Ukrainian must re-establish their country, which will be followed ethno-cultural, historical and economic features all comers to join the Confederation of land.

And after that will create the conditions for our Donetsk People’s Republic began negotiations with Ukraine on the principles of the hostel.

11:21  Andrey Gordeev: Are you ready to fight with me personally in a duel? The choice of weapons is yours.

I understand that this is not the governor of Kherson region Gordeyev, it is a joke. Well, I poshuchu back. After the video dated May 18 KPVV “Chongar” in which Governor Gordeyev appeals to Putin and sings stupid “song”, it became clear that he can only fight on a musical ring. So what are waiting for him on the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv.

11:21  When in Kherson wait liberation forces BCH? When in March 2014 meetings were “antimaydana” I told the leaders of these demonstrations, rallies that will get you nowhere, it is necessary to take power by force. They said that they will solve all quiet. Tycho did not work.  The government idiots. What to do? There are people who are willing to take up arms

Given my combat experience, hardly anyone dares to call me a coward, so exactly what I tell you – do not take the time to fight! War – it’s scary, it is death, blood and dirt. I know what I am saying.

This does not mean that you should sit quietly and wait until you will finish. But we must resist the smart and modern. There are many methods. The government idiots? Change power. There are mechanisms that the time will not cause suspicion Bandera, and then it will be too late.

Propaganda hammers you and your children? Create the structure of anti-propaganda, look for new, non-traditional methods of counter-propaganda.

And most importantly, save the human – civil, family, generational – communication and get ready for the fact that the city and the region as one could make a decisive move. What will it be? Time will tell. Can be elections, may be referendum , may be civil disobedience, maybe an “Italian strike”, maybe a “march on Kiev”, or maybe simple resistance. Believe and never give up – then we will succeed.

11:20  Dear Alexander, hello! I will not ask you about anything, because all the answers already voiced during the two-plus years, and with Kharkov and Odessa were straight lines – the essence of the issues is not particularly changed. We are all interested in the same issues. I wanted only to express my appreciation and gratitude for your heroic and righteous cause. I hope that is not in the distant future we sunbathe on the beach. Sincerely, Alexander.

Thanks for the invitation. We are pleased to take advantage of, when all the land of the Southeast are free.

11:17  Question: How do you comment on the aggravation of the situation on the line of demarcation? What, in your opinion, is the reason for more frequent attacks?

The shelling to which the Ukrainian military and punitive battalions regularly subject our cities are done by Kiev for multiple reaspons.

Firstly, it is harassing fire, which allows you to maintain the theme of war in the hot state for internal use. The war with us – this is one of the main trump cards Poroshenko and Co. in domestic politics. In war everything can be explained.

Secondly, these attacks make it possible to maintain the theme of war in an international context. Poroshenko thus blackmails, primarily Europe. A more precise – Merkel and Hollande, who have signed the Minsk Agreement and thus put his personal reputation on the scales. This is especially for them Poroshenko threatened breakdown of truce every day and the transition to full-scale hostilities. For Merkel and Hollande will this political defeat. Instead Poroshenko requires Europeans to maintain sanctions against Russia and – on Washington’s orders – destroys any attempt to restore normal relations of Europe with Russia.

It is no secret that the close friendly relations between Russia and Europe – it is like a bone in the throat for the Americans. So here Poroshenko is the executor of the order of Washington. And for that Poroshenko need not only attacks our cities, but also, unfortunately, a victim.

The increased frequency is due to the change in the foreign policy situation. More and more leaders in the West want to turn the page of this war and begin to work with Russia, as before. Well, the European Union summit in the offing. Earlier, Kiev before such summits hosted bloody provocations, now just intensifies shelling. Although we do not exclude provocations [by Ukrainian extremists].


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