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By Mark Bartalmai, published on the author’s website, Dec. 1, 2014

Yuri in his apartment the day after it was shelled on Nov. 30, 2014. He was in the apartment when it was struck. Photo by Mark BartalmaiYuri in Donetsk is still alive… but it’s a miracle. When I arrived at Kirovsky district today, I could not believe my eyes. The area was heavily bombed last night. Small shops and vehicles were literally torn into pieces. The shelling came clearly from the west.

But what I saw then made me completely speechless at first. I have seen countless destroyed homes in and around Donetsk, smelled the death there. I have knelt before the mangled and burned bodies of the people to retain their last image against forgetting for the world. When I entered the apartment on the 7th floor, I expected everything, but not to meet its resident Yuri alive.

His apartment was hit DIRECTLY by two rockets! And Yuri has survived. He slept in the bed under the window. I have spoken to him.

Others unfortunately have not survived last night in Donetsk. What a madness …

Mark Bartalmai is a German journalist and photographer publishing stories from Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. Go to the weblink above to see a full photo gallery of this news story as well as previous stories he has written. German language version


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