In Proxy wars, War Drive

Green teeshirt

By Vladimir Golstein,

Published on the author’s own website, Aug 28, 2022:

In a very different take on events, one morning Vladimir Golstein put on a Green t-shirt and looked at the mirror. He saw the angry face of Zelensky, and decided to impersonate him, and “address the gullible audience with the request of more money”. Here is his speech which was banned by Facebook for “going against community standards.”

One morning I put a Green t-shirt on, look at the mirror, and see an angry face of Zelensky. So I decided to impersonate him, and address the gullible audience with the request of more money. Here is my speech. Which was banned by Facebook for “going against community standards.” But of course…

Give Us Your Money! We Need Money! You Need Money!

Without money, peace can break out. And peace is bad for business. It is bad for industry, it is bad for media, it is bad for politicians.

How else can we convince our people that Russians want to kill them. We have to kill some people first. Burn them in Odessa, bomb them in Donbass. Then Russians will start shooting, then we shoot back. Low and behold, we have a real war on our hands. And war is good for business.

Who needs peace? In peace, people start asking questions. The might get curious as to where all the money has gone? Where are the jobs? Where is clean air and clean water? I can’t tell them that the money went to the yachts of my buddies, houses in Monaco, or to the pockets of Raytheon and politicians. You know, politicians are the people for whom you vote, and then they vote for Raytheon. So let’s have more rockets.

Rockets fill up the pockets. That’s been our motto since the glorious Maidan days. Thank God for Nuland who’s taught us this wonderful limerick worthy of any Russian poetic line; no wonder we’ve banned this sub-par language in any case.

It takes money to fake and invent all the Russian vicious attacks, like raping babies for example. And we can’t talk about babies in the incubators ripped out by vicious invaders, since you’ve already per-empted this wonderful story which really has our name written on it.

It takes money to have a government sponsored list of all people we intend to liquidate, including the recent losers we’ve whacked in Moscow. It takes money to hire a genius who called this list, “Peacemaker” (Mirotvorets) They guy studied Orwell for years in order to come up with such name. It takes money to convince the world that Russians are bombing nuclear power plant, that they’ve already taken over.

It takes money to wine and dine the press and direct it in the direction that we want it to go. It takes money to bully, seduce, and convince all the western politicians who have doubts about our special operation. Don’t confuse it with Russian special operation. Russians just invade. We, on the other hand, conduct your war, and are willing to fight for the last Ukrainian for your sake. That’s really special, isn’t it. Your people are happy that their money go to the worthy cause, our people are happy because we fight our evil neighbors in the East, my buddies are happy… the price on yachts went up due to inflation, you know.

In short, give us more money. Money is very good for our bloody business, and there is no business like bloody business.



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