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“Does being ‘practical’ mean that we don’t say to the American people that you deserve better than what you are getting?”


Published on Common Dreams, Feb 10, 2020

Nina Turner, campaign co-chair for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s Democratic presidential bid, rejected the implication that the government doesn’t have funding for Medicare for All and pushed back against the notion that a “practical” Democratic presidential candidate is one that represents a continuation of the unjust status quo.

MSNBC‘s Stephanie Ruhle asked Turner about political strategist James Carville’s recent assertion that Sanders is an “ideologue” who doesn’t possess the “practicality” the Democratic party needs in a candidate.

“Does ‘practical’ mean that the 89 or so million people who are uninsured or under-insured in this country continue to suffer? Does being ‘practical’ mean that we don’t take steps in this country to deal with climate chaos,” said Turner.

“Does being ‘practical’ mean that we don’t say to the American people that you deserve better than what you are getting?” Turner continued. “That’s not the kind of practicality we want.”

What the American publicans wants, added Turner, is “someone to call out the rigging of the system, and that candidate is Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

Watch the exchange below:

Turner’s comments drew praise from other Sanders supporters.

Progressive activist Samuel Finkelstein said on Twitter that Turner “just Berned down the MSNBC studio.” Sanders’ national surrogate Phillip Agnew said that Truner “animates people with the conviction of an impassioned leader with unmatched acuity.”

“No candidates are grilled about how we pay for the ever-rising military budget,” commented Charles Idelson of National Nurses United (NNU). “No one asks how we pay for the corporate tax subsidies, or the massive tax cut for corporations and the super rich. Just how we pay for making sure everyone gets healthcare.”


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