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Coinciding with the 43rd anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, this webinar is the international launch of the Farsi translation of Arnold August’s Cuba-US Relations: Obama and Beyond.

Published on Geopolitical Economy, Feb 12, 2022

Every February 11-12 since the 1979 Iranian Revolution is a cause to celebrate. However, this past year is special. In 2021, and already into 2022, the world has witnessed a virtual unprecedented surge in multipolar collaboration stretching from Western Asia, through the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Cuba, Iran, and countries like Venezuela and beyond stand as increasingly solid bases in pursuing planetary pluripolarity against the ongoing attempt of the US and its allies to maintain its global hegemony over the world.

Coinciding with the 43rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, this webinar is the international launch of the Farsi translation of Arnold August’s Cuba-US Relations: Obama and Beyond. The International Manifesto Group invites you to attend the Webinar and join the discussion.

The 2017 publication of Arnold August’s book “Cuba-US Relations: Obama and Beyond” was followed with its updated 2018 Cuban version in Spanish. It was adapted to take into account the Trump mandate with a new title: “Cuba-US Relations: What has Changed?” This was meant to take into account the fact that nothing has changed with Trump reverting to the US’s traditional hostile attitude camouflaged momentarily by the Obama “thaw.”

Ironically, the Obama anointed Biden presidency also shows that “nothing has changed.” The 2021 Iranian version of the book in turn was further adapted with a Preface by the author and its pages honoured by an Epilogue written by one of Cuba’s most prestigious author and journalist, Luis Toledo Sande.

Both the Preface and Epilogue delve into the current international geopolitics. Both the Preface and the Epilogue in English are now available as resources for discussion during the webinar. Find them here. For Farsi-speaking people, the Iranian version is available here. This event is sponsored by the International Manifesto Group, the U.S. Peace Council, and The Black Alliance for Peace. The official Media Sponsor is The Canada Files.


* Ali Abutalebi

* Mohammad Ghorbani

* Ali Yerevani

* Susana Khalil

* Bahman Azad

* Abdolhamid Shahrabi

* Tim Anderson

* Dr. Saïdeh Khadir

* Arnold August

* Moderator – Radhika Desai


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