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By New Cold, editors, Feb. 18, 2015

The BBC aired a two-minute video news report from the Donetsk airport on February 15, the day the ceasefire agreement in Ukraine was supposed to take effect. The report is worth viewing because it shows the massive destruction at the airport caused by Ukrainian armed forces during the past six months.

BBC reporter ducks incoming shell during report from Donetsk airport on Feb 15, 2015

BBC reporter ducks incoming shell during report from Donetsk airport on Feb 15, 2015

The report is also interesting for seeing how reality in eastern Ukraine is turned on its head by mainstream news outlets, in this case the BBC. Although the Ukraine army has invaded eastern Ukrainian territory and intensely shelled the towns and cities of the citizens there for the past nine months, the BBC reporter would have us believe that it’s all the citizens’ fault because they have the audacity to organize and defend themselves against the violence of the Ukraine government and its allied, fascist militias.

In the broadcast, the reporter argues that the shelling taking place at the airport while he reports, audible in the broadcast, “appears” to be largely outgoing. Ergo, the self-defense forces are breaking the ceasefire. The reporter tells his audience angrily that “fighting” in Ukraine is continuing in violation of the  ceasefire brokered only hours earlier. (“Fighting” is mainstream media-talk for ‘We can’t be bothered to tell you who is causing armed conflict in eastern Ukraine; all we know is that the pro-autonomy rebels should stop it and surrender to Kyiv’.) He then speaks to a commander of the self-defense forces on the scene and accuses his forces of firing shells at Ukraine artillery batteries. “That’s outward firing”, charges the reporter. The commander calmly replies, “No, it’s inward AND outward. We are trying to stop them from firing on us.”

Ironically, in the middle of the BBC reporter’s effort to convince viewers that regardless of context and circumstance, self-defense forces are guilty of firing “outgoing” shells, end of story, an incoming shell lands uncomfortably close to him (pictured).

Click on the screen below to watch the entire BBC report.

In another dramatic video report, further below, broadcasts a dramatic, three-minute video story of one of its reporting teams coming under sniper fire from Ukrainian forces.


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