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New Cold, Dec 14, 2017  (related news reports further below)

Vladimir Putin at his annual press conference, Dec 14, 2017 (Alexander Nemenov, AFP)

Today, Vladimir Putin held his annual press conference and question-and-answer discussion with a large gathering of Russian and foreign journalists nin Moscow. The event last nearly four hours.

The televised conference with English language voice translation can be viewed here at or by clicking the screen here:

Related news reports:
Putin accuses US agencies of manipulating doping testimony, by James Ellingworth, Associated Press, Dec 14, 2017

‘Don’t let down your guard’, warns Putin, excerpt from Vladimir Putin’s annual press conference on Dec 14, 2017, responding to a journalist’s question:

You know, we have a joke in Russia. It goes: ‘If you don’t want to feed your army, you will end up feeding another country’s army.’

The joke is rather old; we have others not so old. You know that sometimes I tell you jokes, so here is another one. It’s not as old, though some of you may know it: ‘A retired navy officer asks his son, “Son, have you seen my dagger?” The son replies, “Please don’t be angry, I traded it for a watch.”

‘The father says, “Let me see it.” He looks at the watch and says, “This is a very nice watch. Well done! But you know, if robbers come to our house tomorrow, they’ll kill me, they’ll kill your mother, and they’ll attack your sister. And you’ll look at your watch and say, “Oh look, it’s half past midnight in Moscow!” ‘ (laughter)


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