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TASS, Oct 6, 2015  (and below: ‘Russia to meet Ukraine for talks this week over $3 billion bond’)

KIEV–Ukraine’s state and state-guaranteed debt totaled almost 1.5 trillion hryvnias (more than $70.5 bln) as of August 31, having increased by 394 bln hryvnias (more than $18.5 bln) in eight months, press service of the country’s Finance Ministry reported on Monday.

“As of August 31, 2015 Ukraine’s state and state-guaranteed debt stood at 1.5 trillion hryvnias (more than $70.5 bln),” the report said.

Ukraine’s total external debt totaled 976 bln hryvnias ($46 bln), total internal debt stood at 518.5 bln hryvnias ($24 bln).

“In January-August 2015, Ukraine’s state and state-guaranteed debt increased in hryvnias by 394 bln hryvnias (over $18.5 bln),” the Ministry said, explaining it by devaluation of the country’s national currency.

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Ukraine’s rulers dispute amount of unpaid wages owed to workers, TASS, Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015. Full article:

KIEV, September 16. /TASS/. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told cabinet colleagues on Wednesday that wage payment arrears stood at “a small” 53.4 million hryvnias ($2.4 million). That’s 36 times less than the sum announced by Social Policy Minister Pavel Rozenko in August.

“There are wage arrears, and these are debts not of the state budget but of the local budget. The debt owed to people is estimated at 53.4 million hryvnias, this is a small debt,” Yatsenyuk told ministers.

Social Policy Minister Rozenko said last month that wage debt owed to Ukrainians was 1.9 billion hryvnias ($86.7 million). Arrears had grown by almost 50% over the past seven months, he said.


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