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thoroughly absorbing discussion between Brian Becker and Abby Martin about the military operation unfolding in Ukraine and what it means for the anti-war movement.

Published on the Empire Files, Feb 26, 2022


00:00 – Introducing Brian Becker

02:15 – US unipolar authority & capitalist takeover of Russia

12:30 – NATO expansion and wars since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia’s red line & failed negotiations

21:52 – Russia intervention in Syria to defend Assad from US war

28:00 – Explanation of 2014 coup

33:26 – US role in regime change, origin of struggle in east Ukraine, Crimea

40:57 – Civil war in Donetsk & Luhansk, US trains and arms insurgency against Russians

40:50 – “Denazifying Ukraine” Truth about nazi influence in Ukraine

45:30 – Why US fueled conflict in East Ukraine

47:00 – Cancelling the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty & Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

51:08 – Abby’s views as an anti-war activist

54:17 – Putin’s anti-communist speech

1:05:07 – Putin justification for the invasion

1:07:03 – Western media hypocrisy & eurocentrism

1:10:29 – Russia invasion for regime change in Ukraine

1:15:23 – Costs/benefits of war for Russia

1:18:00 – Why US is waging war with Russia

1:23:48 – Tectonic shift in global politics & risks of war in a multipolar world

1:29:53 – Why disbanding NATO is important anti-war demand

1:35:42 – Minsk agreement explanation

1:37:26 – Obama vs Trump policy, Biden cabinet instrumental in coup

1:46:01 – Impact of sanctions on Russia &countries dependent on Russia

1:49:13 – How anti-war activists can prepare for what’s next


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