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By Inside Syria Media Center, Dec 14, 2016

Syrian gov't forces patrol in old Aleppo's Jdeideh neighborhood on Dec 9, 2016 (George Ourfalian, AFP)

Syrian gov’t forces patrol in old Aleppo’s Jdeideh neighborhood on Dec 9, 2016 (George Ourfalian, AFP)

Now that the Syrian army has managed to liberate Aleppo from the militants, the Washington administration has decided to take extreme measures to salvage its reputation.

It has become known that Washington intends to reform the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and use it to take control over the city of Raqqa. This appears evident from a recent statement of the U.S.-led coalition’s Colonel John Dorrian. On Thursday, December 8, during a regular press briefing, he said that “Syrian Elite Forces” (SEF) are involved in the operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS terrorists. According to him, SEF numbers have reached 45,000 people and 90 per cent of them are Syrians.

Colonel Dorrian also stressed that the “elite forces” are headed by “one of the most authoritative” representatives of the Syrian opposition, Ahmed al-Jarboe.

Al-Jarboe was once detained in Damascus in a criminal case related to drug trafficking. So how could the White House could call him “one of the most authoritative” representatives of the Syrian opposition? He left Syria long ago, and doesn’t consider it as his motherland any more. Nowadays, he lives in Cairo.

According to the Syrian political analyst Nizar Bush, Ahmed al-Jarboe is committed to the ideology promoted by the radical organization the Muslim Brotherhood. That is why he is financed directly from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These two countries stand behind not only the Syrian opposition but also terrorist groups. We can assume that Al-Jarboe is cooperating with the radicals.

It is also completely incomprehensible how Washington has found such a numerous “army”. One idea comes to mind – it’s the same Free Syrian Army as old, which was originated by the deserters from the government army officers and soldiers back in 2011-12. Nowadays, the FSA is composed mainly of foreign mercenaries.

In addition, there is an assumption that the so-called “elite forces” might be supplemented by the militants of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham who manage to escape from Aleppo.

Once the United States manages to unite disparate elements under the new brand of “Syrian Elite Forces,” it will make every effort to tell the world that this “army” is a “moderate opposition”.

Against this background, U.S. President Barack Obama’s statement announcing the lifting of formal restrictions on supplying weaponry to its allies in Syria involved in the planning and conducting of anti-terrorist operation in Raqqa is ominous.

It is obvious that the current White House administration wants to rehabilitate itself as soon as possible following the liberation of Aleppo. It has decided to make a bid for the support of militants who will fight not against terrorist organizations but also interfere with the actions of the Syrian army.

It seems all the recent actions by the U.S. are part of a Pentagon premeditated “Plan B”.


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