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ANF News, August 30, 2016

Turkish military in the towns and cities of eastern Turkey (photo on ANF News)

Turkish military in the towns and cities of eastern Turkey (photo on ANF News)

AHMED (Diyarbakir in Turkish) – According to a report by the Human Rights Association (IHD) of Turkey, 1,552 people, including soldiers, police, village guards, militants and civilians, have died in the Kurdish towns and cities of eastern Turkey during the period from July 24, 2015 to July 24, 2016. 1,683 others were wounded. The report was released by the branch of IHD in Ahmed (Diyarbakir).

IHD Amed Branch Chair Raci Bilici spoke during the press conference where the report was made public, stating that people have lost their hope with the escalation of conflict in mid 2015. Bilici called attention to the restriction of rights, including bans on the rights of assembly and free expression, freedom of the press; and extrajudicial killings, torture, mistreatment, unfair detentions and arrests.

Following Bilici, IHD Regional Representative Abdulselam Ince listed the following figures regarding the human rights violations committed in the Kurdish region during the period from July 24, 2015 to July 24, 2016:

* 440 people died and 353 others were wounded as a result of extrajudicial executions (allegedly) perpetrated by security forces.

* 422 members of security forces were killed and 1065 others were wounded in armed confrontations. 614 armed organisation militants died and 17 others were wounded.  42 civilians lost their lives amid clashes and 75 others were wounded.

* Attacks by armed organisations left 34 civilians dead and 173 others wounded.

* Bodies of 15 armed militants who died in clashes were displayed naked and tortured by security forces.

* Special security zones were declared 87 times on the grounds of security or military operations in the districts and rural areas of the provinces in the region. Entrance and exit was banned for civilians in these areas and this caused economical aggravation for the local people who rely on farming and husbandry as means of living.

* Curfew was declared in 35 districts in 9 provinces, where 320 people including 75 children lost their lives.

* Shootings along the border line left 48 civilians dead and 60 others wounded.

* Explosions of mines and unclaimed bombs claimed the lives of 7 children and left 28 children wounded with permanent physical handicaps. 6 adults including one woman were also wounded.

* 286 people were subject to torture or ill-treatment in detention centres. Separately, 161 other people suffered torture or ill-treatment (in house raids and streets). Village guards subjected 4 people to torture and ill-treatment from which also 103 inmates have suffered in prisons. 6 people were kidnapped and threatened for agencification. 31 people were threatened with security of life. 99 people were injured as a result of security forces’ intervention on public demonstrations.

* A total of 7,884 people including 275 children and 7,609 adults were taken into custody. 1,959 people including 81 children and 1,878 adults were arrested. 4,223 houses or shops were raided by security forces mainly at midnight or towards the morning.

* Regarding the violation of the right to expression; 96 printed publications and materials were confiscated or banned. Offices of 4 newspapers or media organs were raided. 2 cultural events were prohibited. Access to 123 news websites was banned.

* Within the scope of the investigations against those expressing their thoughts; 43 investigation files were opened up and 702 people were investigated. 13, 067 public servants were subject to administrative investigation on the grounds of participating in union strikes and various democratic events.

* Within the scope of the lawsuits brought against those expressing their thoughts; 15 case files were opened up and 59 people were tried.

* Within the scope of the sentences given to those expressing their thoughts; 60 case files were finalized and 168 people were given varying prison sentences.

* Within the scope of the violations of the right to organisation; a total of 60 institutions ad establishments including 20 political parties, 14 associations, 14 education and culture institutions and 19 municipal services buildings were subject to raid or attack. 17 associations and 2 education and culture institutions were closed.

* Within the scope of the violations of the right to assembly and demonstration; 117 meetings and demonstrations were intervened by security forces and 23 others were banned by governors and district governors of the places in question.


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