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By the editors, New Cold, Dec. 6, 2014

LeninThe right-wing, nationalist war footing in Ukraine is seeing the country’s proud history continuing to be trampled underfoot by fascists. Specifically, the desecration of monuments to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the leader of the 1917 revolutions in Russia and Ukraine, is continuing. The latest occured in the town of Novomoskovsk in Dnipropetrovsk region on December 6.

The act was filmed by the the Right Sector fascists who carried it out and it is broadcast on YouTube by the perpetrators. (You can also click on the screen below to see it.) As they pull down the monument, they chant, ‘Ukraine above all! Hang the commies! Hang Russians! Right Sector! Glory to the nation, death to enemies!”

Scores of monuments to Lenin have been destroyed this year in Ukraine. The  most significant of those destructive acts occurred in Kharkiv on September 28. Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine. It was the capital of Soviet Ukraine from from 1919-1934.

As Ukraine’s cultural and revolutionary patrimony is being desecrated by fascists, they are simultaneously erecting monuments to right wing nationalists who collaborated with the German Nazi war and occupation of 1941-45, including those in honour of Stepan Bandera.

An essay on the cultural and historical significance of the monuments to Lenin in Ukraine was written by Ukrainian Marxist Sergei Kirichuk nine weeks ago, at the time of the destruction of the monument in Kharkiv. It is titled, ‘To Lenin, in Kharkiv’. Kirichuk wrote, “To say that Lenin was the founder of Ukraine would be an exaggeration. But the fact is that Ukraine exists in its present borders as a result of the actions of Lenin and his political party. The neo-Nazis’ demolition of the monument to one of the founders of the country is actually a death sentence for its further existence with the present-day borders.” Read the full essay here.

Lenin statue in Kharkiv after its desecrationIn Kharkiv, only the base of the Lenin statue remains. However, sometime after it came down, some Kharkiv residents wrote a graffitti message on it (pictured) : “It’s ok, I’m alive. I’ve gone to join the militia [self-defense forces]. I’ll be back soon.”




Video of the desecration of the monument to VI Lenin in the town of Novomoskovsk, Ukraine on December 6:


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