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The International Manifesto Group invites individuals and organizations to sign ‘Through Plurality to Socialism: A Manifesto’ and join the launch on Sunday, September 5, 2021. The Manifesto is an important political initiative which, in view of the multiple crises facing us and the urgency of political action, has been taken following several months of discussion by the International Manifesto Group, a world-wide group of concerned activists and scholars.

Published on International Manifesto Group, Aug 2021

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About this event

As the pandemic reveals capitalism’s profound inadequacies and the US launches a New Cold War on China, the cause of socialism stands at a critical juncture. ‘Through Pluripolarity to Socialism: A Manifesto’ seeks to orient the struggles of classes and nations in this historical moment. Join an international array of socialists representing diverse currents in launching this appeal. Our goal: to open up the critical discussions that are necessary to propel a left alternative, leading out of the social, economic and ecological barbarism that capitalism offers to more rational, solidaristic and scientifically advanced ecological socialisms.


  • Marwan Abdel Aal
  • Ahmed Bensaada
  • Atilio Boron
  • Cheng Enfu
  • Hassan Hamdane
  • Charles Hoareau
  • Makoto Itoh
  • Elena Veduta
  • Elias Jabbour
  • Margaret Kimberley
  • Dimitri Lascaris
  • Chris Matlhako
  • Isabel Monal
  • Vijay Prashad
  • Qiao Collective

About the International Manifesto Group

The International Manifesto Group began discussing the fast-changing political and geopolitical economy of the world order and its national and regional components at the beginning of the pandemic. We are from around the world – North and South America, Europe and Africa, West Asia, Russia, China, East, South East and South Asia – and aim to be even more inclusive. We represent a diversity of currents of socialist thought. We meet fortnightly and hold zoom events on major issues. These are published on this website. The core of our analysis is our Manifesto, ‘Through Pluripolarity to Socialism’, and we believe engagement with its themes to develop them further is important for further left advance.


EDITOR’S NOTE: We remind our readers that publication of articles on our site does not mean that we agree with what is written. Our policy is to publish anything which we consider of interest, so as to assist our readers in forming their opinions. Sometimes we even publish articles with which we totally disagree, since we believe it is important for our readers to be informed on as wide a spectrum of views as possible.

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