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By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos,

Published on the Valdai Club, May 26, 2022:

Given the dependence of Western countries on the USA, the Non-Aligned Movement, representing today the majority of the countries and of the population of the planet and disposing of an economic power much greater than at the time when it was first created, has a historic opportunity to intervene in the on-going sui generis world war…

We are living through the opening phase of two Armageddons and we need to stop both of them before they destroy humanity. One is the war between East and West, while the other is the war between Humanity and Nature.

So dramatic are the events taking place today on the planet, so profound the transformations of our world, that our minds find it difficult to grasp their full significance. For instance, there is a lot of debate nowadays internationally on how best to address the economic, social, political or geopolitical problems of our world. But the majority of those discussions do not take into account the fact we have entered an era of human history when, for the first time, the possibility that humanity may face extinction present.

Our world was seriously ill even before the Ukrainian crisis erupted.

Climate change will become irreversible (thus threatening the very existence of humanity), if radical measures are not taken to reverse it in the next two to three years, according to the latest ICPP reports. No state on Earth seemed disposed to adopt such measures even before the present crisis.
While the climate crisis, like nuclear war, is one of the most serious threats to the existence of mankind, it is by far not the only one. The world economy, already before the Ukraine conflict, was threatened with recession. Global debt, that is, the demands humanity faces from a handful of private financial institutions, has reached historically unprecedented levels. The same is true of inequalities between countries and within countries. About half of humanity, 3.3 billion people, live below the poverty line as defined by international organizations, while hundreds of millions remain undernourished and lack access to clean water and basic health care.
It was in this situation that the Ukrainian crisis broke out. Responding to the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, the US and its allies and satellites, that is, all the advanced capitalist countries of the world, launched a sui generis world war against Russia.
We define it is as a world war because of the extent of its aims, of its global character and of the very real prospect of engulfing other countries like China – and anybody who dares to object to America and the “collective West”. We define it as a sui generis world war because, for the time being, there is no direct and massive contact between NATO and Russian armed forces, out of the fear that such a direct military conflict would lead, most probably, to a nuclear world war and the annihilation of humanity.
The only measure the United States and its allies-satellites have not adopted till now is the direct engagement of their armed forces against the Russian army, which would most probably lead to a global nuclear war and the elimination of the human species and other higher forms of life. But even this possibility, namely that life on the planet will end due to the use of nuclear and other means of mass destruction (including, for example, new artificial coronaviruses or the extensive use of cyberweapons), has now become much more likely due to the total character of the war unleashed by the West.


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