In Iran, USA

John Kerry and Javad Zarif (U.S. State Department via Flickr)

An interesting piece in which Shireen Hunter appears to be saying that Iran is in US crosshairs because it fights imperialism and therefore it should stop fighting imperialism. Great Advice, Shireen, where were you when Allende needed you? Or Ghaddafi? Or Connolly, Gandhi, Mandela, Nyerere, Bollivar, Zapata…?

If you go after somebody with the intention of walking all over them, stealing everything they have, and giving them nothing in return, you give them no alternative but to fight.

This can be seen as an interesting example of ‘new think’  – people attempting to dig imperialism out of the mess that it has got itself into by means of sage advice to the victims. However what’s needed is sage advice to the perpetrators.

By Shireen T. Hunter

Published on LobeLog, July 22, 2019




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