In Britain, Mick Dunford

PM Rishi Sunak. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

By James De Burghe and Michael Dunford, May 2024.

It is always distasteful to have to call someone a liar, doubly so when it is a senior politician. One tends to water things down with phrases such as “The Prime Minister was mistaken”. Sadly the content of this speech in so many areas is such a distortion of the truth that we can only accuse Sunak of being on these occasions an outright liar in so far as he is stating what he knows to be untrue. In other comments he either conceals or misrepresents important aspects of the economic and political performance of the United Kingdom.

The redactions noted were carried out by the UK civil service who control the website listed below, not by the author of this article.


“I feel a profound sense of urgency. Because more will change in the next five years than in the last thirty.
I’m convinced that the next few years will be some of the most dangerous yet the most transformational our country has ever known.

The vast majority of the threats facing the UK right now have been generated by the successive conservative governments of the last 14 years. They have blindly followed US policies, both domestic and international, that have done massive damage to the UK economy, have increased poverty and have reinforced a huge gap between rich and poor.

So the question we face today is this: Who has the clear plan and bold ideas to deliver a secure future for you and your family?
The dangers that threaten our country are real. They are increasing in number. An axis of authoritarian states like Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China is working together to undermine us and our values.

Democracy means the rule of the people. A recent Western survey ( asked people worldwide whether they view their country as being democratic. 79% of Chinese people considered their country democratic compared with only one-half of people in the UK. 91% of Chinese respondents considered that the Chinese government served all the people (the substantive meaning of democracy though Chinese procedures, although different from the western majoritarian – in practice minoritarian – election of representatives, are also democratic), whereas a majority of people in the UK considered that the UK government served a minority.

China supported the UK with huge loans, huge investment and job creation in the UK. China underwrote the loans required to modernise the UK nuclear power stations. The UK’s GCHQ declared Huawei products safe to use but to please the United States (USA) the Conservative government banned them from the UK, delaying the conversion to high speed mobile internet services and trebling their cost.

War has returned to Europe, with our NATO allies warning that if Putin succeeds in Ukraine, they might be next.

The actions of the UK government and of NATO include antagonising Russia (advancing up to Russia’s borders in violation of the written and verbal commitments provided to Gorbachev, refusing to discuss undivided security, supporting a coup d’etat in Ukraine which resulted in a civil war) without the adequate means to protect the UK and at the same time reducing the effectiveness of the UK armed forces.

The UK sanctions Russia, Iran and North Korea, causing real hardship and premature death to thousands of people in the latter two countries. What evidence does Sunak have that they threaten the UK? In the case of Russia it is UK supplied missiles, supported by UK personnel that have killed and maimed men, women and children in Russian towns and cities.

War rages, too, in the Middle East as Israel defends itself not only against the terrorists of Hamas but a barrage of missiles fired – for the first time – directly from Iran.

Right now in Africa, conflicts are being fought in 18 different countries. And Putin’s recklessness has taken us closer to a dangerous nuclear escalation than at any point since the Cuban missile crisis.

These are not faraway problems. Iranian proxies are firing on British ships in the Red Sea, disrupting goods destined for our high streets.

Israel is classed as an occupying power in Gaza under international law. Hamas, is the duly elected power by the Gaza population, when attacking the occupying power is not committing terrorist acts. Sunak is fully aware that the International Court of Justice is seriously considering charges of Genocide against Israel, that the International Criminal Court is considering issuing arrest warrant against the Israeli Prime Minister and Defence Minister (and Hamas leaders) for genocide. He is also fully aware that Iran’s attack on Israel was in direct response to Israel’s many direct attacks on Iran including an attack on an Iranian consular building in Damascus, an act that is illegal under international law. The Houthis of Yemen are certainly not Iranian proxies and rejected Iranian calls to stop their attacks. It is interesting to note that the majority of the weapons the Houthis are using were supplied to them on the black market from weapon consignments sent from the USA to Ukraine. The Houthi attacks on two British ships were in retaliation for the UK bombing attacks on Yemen.

Russia has not threatened first use of nuclear weapons. It was the United States withdrawing from international arms control agreements and NATO moving nuclear weapons right up to the Russian borders that was a part of the spark that caused the current Eurasian crisis.

The majority of conflicts in Africa are caused by terror groups directly funded and armed by the USA.

Here at home, China has conducted cyber targeting of our democratically elected MPs. Russia has poisoned people with chemical weapons.

There is no evidence at all that the poison attacks carried out in the UK were sanctioned by the Russian Government. Neither is there any evidence that China carried out cyber attacks on UK MPs.

And when Putin cut off the gas supplies it had a devastating impact on people’s lives and threatened our energy security.

This is one of the most blatant of all the lies contained in this speech. Russia did not cut-off its gas supplies to Europe. It still supplies gas to countries in Europe that did not use the Nordstream pipelines. The EU, USA, and UK sanctioned the supply of equipment to Russia and the use of Russian gas, Russian LNG and Russian oil products. One of the Nordstream pipelines to Germany is still intact but Germany refuses to use it. It was the illegal US sanctions, adopted by the UK and EU, leading to the decision to purchase more expensive United States and Norwegian energy sources and in the UK a tenfold increase in British Gas profits that caused energy prices to rise. The damage done to the Russian economy was minimal as it had alternative customers in Asia, but the decision to impose sanctions and change suppliers boomeranged back on the EU and UK. The two Nordstream 2 pipelines that were destroyed by US terrorists were capable of meeting 70% of Europe’s gas needs at a price that was 87% less than the price Europe now pays for US LNG. Initially the UK boasted that it did not use Russian gas and would not be affected by the sanctions. Again the government misunderstood the situation resulting in serious damage to the UK economy and its people. The threat to the UK energy security was a self inflicted home goal, and Sunak is well aware of that.

And in this world of greater conflict and danger, 100 million people are now displaced globally. Countries like Russia are weaponising immigration for their own ends, and criminal gangs keep finding new routes across European borders.

The accusation against Russia is nonsensical, and is not backed by a single shred of evidence. The “Criminal Gangs” that control most of the illegal immigration schemes mainly come from NATO allied states in Eastern Europe, Romania and Bulgaria being amongst them.

Illegal migration is placing an intolerable strain on our security and our sense of fairness, and unless we act now and act boldly this problem is only going to grow.

The problems of displaced people and refugees was and still is created largely by the illegal acts of military and economic warfare carried out by the UK and its allies against the peoples of West Asia, Africa, and Central Asia. Having created the problem Sunak refuses to pay to rectify the problems it helped create. Instead he wishes to carry out displacement by means that are Illegal and inhumane.

Extremists are also exploiting these global conflicts to divide us.

People are abusing our liberal democratic values – the freedom of speech and right of protest – to intimidate, threaten and assault others, to sing antisemitic chants on our streets and our university campuses, and to weaponise the evils of anti-Semitism or anti-Muslim hatred in a divisive, ideological attempt to set Briton against Briton.

Sunak deliberately classes anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism and has used this lie to repress free speech, repress opposition to the destruction of Gaza and its people and prevent the expression of support for Gaza and the Palestinian cause. In this he shows his own racist qualities and his own sense of superiority as he continues to supply weapons and munitions to Israel as it commits genocide in Gaza. His decisions have isolated the UK on the world stage and are shredding its reputation throughout the Global South and East (85% of the world’s people). Sunak’s government has passed laws that repress UK human rights and the right to strike.

And from gender activists hijacking children’s sex education to cancel culture, vocal and aggressive fringe groups are trying to impose their views on the rest of us.
They’re trying to make it morally unacceptable to believe something different and undermine people’s confidence and pride in our own history and identity.

Everything that Sunak claims here is a consequence of the rampant liberalism and identity politics that have proved so divisive but were supported and funded at home and abroad by successive Conservative governments.

[Please note political content redacted here.]

But for all the dangers ahead, few are felt more acutely than people’s sense of financial insecurity. We’ve been pounded by a series of once-in-a-generation shocks.
The worst international financial crisis since the great depression in the 1930s. The first global pandemic since the Spanish flu in 1918.

The financial crisis that is still ongoing and the secular stagnation that followed it (from 2007 to 2023 the UK economy grew on average at just 1.05% per year) are directly caused by the unsound decisions of western governments that have done huge damage to the UK and European economies. These decisions include the choice of a path of neoliberal financialisation, a deplorable rate of investment (in the same period the net stock of infrastructure in the market sector increased at just 1.7% per year) and its alignment with US policies.

In the book Vassal State: How America Runs Britain, Angus Hanton shows how UK governments have transferred UK wealth to US corporations. American investors control $2 trillion of British assets while at the time of the last general election US-based multinationals earned the equivalent of £2,500 per UK household (of which most was tax-free). What is involved is a corporate takeover by American entities rather than useful foreign direct investment and it largely reflects policy choices that have seriously eroded the economic sovereignty of the UK and its economic prospects.

Sunak is short on knowledge, AIDS was a global pandemic long after Spanish Flu (which should have been called US flu as it originated in the USA), The mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic by the Conservative government led to a severe death toll, and a severe hit on the UK economy

The biggest energy shock since the 1970s. Global forces, yet they are hitting our living standards here at home.

We must be prepared strategically, economically, with robust plans and greater national resilience, to meet this time of instability with strength.

UK living standards have indeed been hit. Real (inflation-adjusted) median household incomes fell in 2022/23. Absolute low income increased by 600,000 people after housing costs in the year to 2022/23 and is expected to rise from 11.7 million in 2023/24 to 12.0 million in 2024/25 (18.0% of the population) as in 2019/20) (Poverty in the UK: statistics – House of Commons Library.

And yet instead of devoting itself to addressing these issues, the UK government (with opposition support) is compounding past errors by throwing billions of pounds at Ukraine, whilst allowing large corporations to make obscene profits by hiking energy costs.

Moreover successive British governments have displayed the most astonishing incompetence in protecting the people of Britain and have in some cases sought to cover up official misconduct. The Post Office scandal saw more than 900 innocent sub-postmasters prosecuted for theft and fraud over 16 years up to 2015. The managers knew that a computer fault was responsible, yet people were ruined and even imprisoned. The investigation into the Grenfell Tower blaze has still not finished but will almost certainly reveal serious misdemeanours. A decades-long contaminated blood UK scandal that saw thousands of people die was covered up. Instead of serving the people the country is run in ways that are unethical, often incompetent and serve the interests of its ruling elites rather than the entire population of the country.

And people’s sense of insecurity is only heightened by the fears about new technologies like AI.

When the IMF says 40% of jobs could be affected, or hundreds of leading experts say the risks could be on a par with pandemics or nuclear war, and when children are exposed to bullying, sexualised content or even self-harm online, people want to know they’ve got someone in charge who understands these dangers, because only if you understand what is happening can you be trusted to keep us safe.

All of these perils have been around for the past 30 years. Not once UK government has ever addressed them. Sunak has been in the government for years. Why is it only now that he claims to be ready to do something about them. AI is a red herring. AI is already in use in many areas where it saves on wage bills – it has already been proved to be a destroyer of jobs, but decent and well-managed societies are able to find ways to manage disruptive technologies taking advantage of increases in productivity while sharing the benefits across all of society and avoiding unfair distributions of the costs.

But the paradox of our age is that for all the profound dangers we face, right now, we also hold in our hands an opportunity for human progress that could surpass the industrial revolution in speed and breadth.
Technologies like AI will do for the 21st century what the steam engine and electricity did for the 19th.
They’ll accelerate human progress by complementing what we do, by speeding up the discovery of new ideas, and by assisting almost every aspect of human life.
Think of the investment they will bring, the jobs they’ll create, and the increase in all our living standards they’ll deliver.

Investment and manufacturing growth do not rise as a result of the incantations of Sunak. In 2018 UK manufacturing output had not returned to its 2008 level. UK (and G7) productivity growth has declined almost continuously since the 1970s. Investment in manufacturing and infrastructure are at deplorably low levels. Where are the policy instruments, where are the financial resources, where are the people trained in STEM subjects and vocations? The world is on the verge of a new industrial revolution and other countries have already embarked on well-designed and well-resourced new modernisation paths.

In 2021 China had installed 268,200 industrial robots Japan came second with 47,2000. The UK was not in the top 15 with Poland fifteenth with 3,300. The UK under the Sunak and previous governments has missed the boat.

The years ahead look bleak. The Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) Paul Johnson has said that the next British government will face problems not seen since the 1950s. Policymakers, he says, have 3 ways out of the crisis: the UK must decide to make painful spending cuts, or raise taxes to an 80-year high, or significantly increase debt.

The decision to antagonise and the refusal to seek mutually beneficial cooperation with the Asian growth engines of the new world economy is (for the great mass of British people rather than its fabulously rich elites that British governments serve) a catastrophic path.

US GDP growth rate over the last 12 years was 2.2% (2.5% in 2023). Most other western economies are stagnant (in those twelve years the UK grew at 1.5% while in 2023 the rates were: Japan 1.5%, France 0.6%, Canada 0.4, UK 0.3%, Italy 0.1%, Germany -0.4% in 2023). Of emerging economies Brazil grew at 2.2% in 2023, Mexico at 3.3%, and Indonesia at 4.9%. India grew at 7.6% but its estimates involve use of a wholesale rather than a consumer price deflator. Russia grew at 5.5%. China grew at 5.6% and the International Monetary Fund now predicts that it will grow at 5% in 2024.

Credible estimates suggest AI alone could double our productivity in the next decade.
And in doing so, help us create a world of less suffering, more freedom, choice, and opportunity.
Just imagine. Every child in school with their own personalised tutor, and every teacher free to spend more time personally developing each student.

Double our productivity of what? The UK’s major competitors are at least a decade ahead in terms of technology, innovation, and manufacturing power. The UK finance sector is losing its markets, and the fallacy that you can build an economy wholly on services has now come home to roost.

New frontiers in medical diagnostics where a single picture of your eyes can not only detect blindness but predict other diseases like heart attacks or Parkinson’s.
And counterintuitive as it may seem, throughout human history, the greatest breakthroughs of science and learning have so often come at the moments of greatest danger.

But the vast majority of progress in these areas is in Asia, not in Europe and certainly not in the UK where the Health and Safety laws made scientific research too expensive, even if funds could be found to invest in it.

The first electronic digital computers were developed by British codebreakers in the Second World War. Solar technology went from powering pocket calculators to a viable commercial technology following the energy crisis of the 1970s.

The British-made computers that were used by GCHQ during WW2 were mechanical analogue computers, not electronic digital computers. They were developed from a device called the Bombe which was donated to the UK by Poland as the Nazis overran their country. The development of solar energy devices was not undertaken in the UK. Solar power was initially developed by Texas Instruments in the USA.

The fastest development, and deployment, of a vaccine in history came during the Covid pandemic.
And so it is incumbent upon us to make this a period not just of great danger, but great progress, too.
That’s why we launched a bold plan to make science and technology our new national purpose.
We’re rightly proud of Britain’s spirit of discovery and entrepreneurship made us the leading country in the industrial revolution.

Yes, in China and Russia, not the UK. We cannot keep harking back to events of nearly 300 years ago.

But we can be just as proud, just as confident, just as optimistic about our future, and our prospects to lead again in this new industrial age.
And doing so will enrich our lives and create good, well-paid jobs in the growth industries of the future here at home.
At the same time, new and fast-growing economic superpowers like India, Indonesia, and Nigeria are significantly reshaping the global economy.

China, Russia, Iran, India, Brazil, Indonesia are all taking part and co-operating with one another to build a better, multipolar world. BRICS and SCO are key elements of this with BRICS already yielding more economic power than the G7 group. The UK turns its back on all of this and so loses its opportunity to grow in the future.
And just as this ever more interconnected world creates new dangers, it also creates new possibilities.

The United Kingdom is uniquely placed to benefit. We’ve always been an open, trading, maritime nation; and Brexit has given us the opportunity to trade even more.

But no sooner had the ink dried on Brexit before the UK snubbed its two largest potential trading partners and squandered the Brexit premium on buying warships that don’t work. The UK maritime fleet is tiny, shipowners preferring to save money by registering their ships in other countries. It was as far back as the 1960s that the UK abandoned its global maritime presence.

And we invent, discover, and produce new products and services that the world wants to buy.
From aircraft wings in Filton, to financial services in Glasgow, to incredible cultural exports like film, music, and TV, or sports like the Premier League.

Most of the great technical innovations developed by British scientists and engineers since 1990 have been sold to other countries because of the lack of investment funds in the UK. The aircraft wings produced in Filton are all that is left of the once thriving UK aviation industry that used to build entire aircraft. The cultural exports just put money into the hands of the already wealthy, they do not create wealth or jobs in the UK.

Everywhere from rural Kenya to the cityscapes of South Korea, people stay up all times of day and night to watch their favourite British team.
It’s no wonder that Brexit Britain has leapt above France, Japan, and the Netherlands to become the world’s fourth biggest exporter.

Utter misinformation here. According to the World Trade Organisation in 2023 the UK was the thirteenth largest merchandise exporter. Of developed countries it came behind Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Italy, France, Canada and Belgium. In services the UK ranked 5th coming after the Netherlands and narrowly ahead of France and Japan.
In relative terms the UK economy has shrunk. British GDP limps from one crisis to the next and has not leapt anywhere in many decades. The UK imports much more than it exports. As to other countries watching UK football matches, the revenue generated for the UK tax payer is tiny, and UK football fans are forced to pay ever increasing ticket prices to see matches or ever increasing licence and subscription fees to watch them on a television.

And the more we export, the better our businesses will do, the more jobs we will create, the more wealth we will generate – right across our country.

The UK has no industry or group of industries that are producing world class products for consumer markets. The UK assembles cars for foreign manufacturers that are for the UK internal market. The same can be said right across the entire range of consumer white goods and brown goods. In the name of quick profit all of the UK’s major consumer brands were sold off to foreign companies over the past two decades.

This is the opportunity before us. A world transformed by technological progress. Huge global markets hungry for new talent, goods, and services. You can see it all around us.

Yes it is visible to the naked eye as countries like China use its immense financial resources and it Belt and Road Initiative to help develop high-quality infrastructure (including schools, hospitals, roads, ports, airports, energy and water projects) and spread win-win trade and economic development deals across the Global South that has transformed the world economy. Millions have been lifted out of poverty as these new and mutually beneficial economic relationships among countries who respect each others sovereignty and has transformed the Third World. Sadly there is no trace of such initiatives being carried out by the UK.

Two brothers from Merseyside sat around their kitchen table and built Castore a £1bn sportswear business taking on global giants like Nike and Adidas, their kit now worn by Red Bull Formula 1 and Bayer Leverkusen.
British companies and workers right across the country are pioneering offshore wind and exporting it around the world. Already, we’ve built the first floating offshore wind farm.
And our innovations have helped reduce the cost of wind energy by around two-thirds, and increased the size of turbines to the equivalent of the Eiffel Tower with blades bigger than Big Ben.

Wind power is not classed as the most efficient producer of energy. The huge towers described by Sunak do not produce enough energy to justify their huge costs nor the disruption they create to air traffic control radar systems or the migration patterns of birds. They are all subsidised by the UK taxpayer.

And you can see the opportunity too in healthcare, giving people longer, healthier lives. In Denmark, NovoNordisk created the Ozempic drug which is not only helping to tackle chronic disease globally, but singlehandedly grew Denmark’s entire economy last year.

All of which has no bearing at all on the UK economy.

All this progress should show us that while this is one of the most dangerous periods we’ve ever known, it will also be one of the most transformational.

And if we make the right choices, if we have a bold enough vision, then we should feel confidence, pride, and optimism that Britain’s future is secure.
My point is this: our country stands at a crossroads. Over the next few years, from our democracy to our society to our economy – to the hardest questions of war and peace – almost every aspect of our lives is going to change.

The danger Sunak talks of has been generated by him personally and by governments in which he has served. In bending the knee to the US and blindly following their anti-Russian and anti-Chinese policies, and by encouraging news media to amplify the false narratives that pour out of the government and security services he has generated hysteria and fear. It sadly is the goal of his government to do so for without fear and the UK public having a real understanding of the mess this government has created they would sweep it away.

How we act in the face of these changes – not only to keep people safe and secure but to realise the opportunities too, will determine whether or not Britain will succeed in the years to come.

The only way to stop these dangers from engulfing the UK is to stop creating them. Embrace the opportunities offered by the rest of the world, abandon cold war thinking and the colonial mindset and become a part of a new multipolar world rather than try to isolate the UK from it.

[Please note political content redacted here.]

In the last 14 years, we’ve made progress in the most difficult conditions any governments has faced since the Second World War.

All of which have been created by the UK government itself as it abandoned its concern for the true interests of the greater majority of UK people to pander to the wishes of the USA and line the pockets of the wealthy with yet more wealth.

A world leading economy, we’ve seen the 3rd highest growth rate in the G7, and created 4 million jobs, 800 a day.

But the G7 growth rate is one of the lowest growth rates in the world. As to the millions of jobs, the vast majority of them are menial jobs on basic rate wages or zero hours contracts.

We took difficult decisions to restore our country’s financial security and control national debt, and that allowed us to support the country through Covid, deliver the fastest vaccine roll-out in the world, provide record funding to the NHS, and protect state pensions with the triple lock.

The national debt has spiralled out of control under Conservative governments and now exceeds or is equal to the UK’s GDP (up from 28.3% in December 1990). The UK did not deliver the world’s fastest Covid vaccine roll out. It provided record funding to the private companies behind the NHS, wasting millions on sub-standard equipment and consumables. Britain’s pensioners are still amongst some of the worst-off pensioners in the west.

We’ve reformed welfare by capping benefits and introducing Universal Credit to help people into work.
We’ve reduced absolute poverty, pensioner poverty, child poverty.

More misinformation. Absolute poverty has increased. The share of pensioners with absolute low income did not change between 2021/22 and 2022/23. The share of children in absolute poverty increased from 23% to 25%. Again Sunak makes claims that are false (and deliberately vague as he does not specify dates). Sunak has relentlessly attacked public benefits.

We’ve cut carbon emissions by a third.

A direct lie, UK carbon emissions have actually increased by 5% since 2018.

Maintained our position as NATO’s second biggest defence power.

Another direct lie, The UK is NATO’s 3rd largest contributor.

Halved violent and neighbourhood crime. And improved standards in our schools with English schoolchildren not just the best readers in the UK, but in the western world.
We’ve legislated for equal marriage. And it is now not even surprising for people from ethnically diverse backgrounds to lead Scotland, Wales, and the United Kingdom.
And the economy now decisively has momentum. Inflation down from over 11% to 3%. Wages rising faster than prices.
And in the first quarter of this year, we grew faster than France, Germany, Japan, Italy, and even America.
The plan is working – so we must stick to it, and not go back to square one.

Changing the reporting levels does not reduce crime. Instead it just hides actual trends in crime from the public view. On education standards the UK ranks 11th on the world scale. What on earth is equal Marriage? Promoting diversity by artificial means is not actually diversity at all. Instead it inflames racial and class tensions. The economy is stagnant. As already mentioned the G7 group economies are among the worst performers in the world.

[Please note political content redacted here.]

Because at heart, we’re a nation of optimists. We’re not blind to the challenges or threats that we face.
We just have an innate belief that whatever they are, we can overcome them, as we have done so many times in our history. And create a secure future for you and your family.
Let me tell you more about my vision for how I would lead this country through this time of danger and transformation.

If you are a nation of optimists then you are indeed blind to the dangers that government policies have placed you in. Better to be a nation of realists and take those steps that are required to reduce the risks and regain prosperity. Sunak’s vision is one of increasing poverty, decreasing human rights, and the risk of war for which he has not invested one penny in increasing the UK’s ability to defend itself or defend its civil population.

[Please note political content redacted here.]

We’ve proudly taken the generational decision to increase defence spending to a new baseline of 2.5% of GDP, by 2030. Yet Labour have refused to match our pledge.

Yes, 2.5% of GDP devoted to protecting US interests plus another 2% of GDP given away to Ukraine. Not one penny of this money spent on defending the UK.

[Please note political content redacted here.]

The global displacement of a hundred million people is a new and defining challenge of our age. But we can and will protect ourselves against illegal migration.

The best protection would have been not to have been a partner in creating this huge global displacement in the first place.

[Please note political content redacted here.]

That’s why we’re pioneering the Rwanda scheme. And so, when people see that if they come here illegally, they will be swiftly detained and removed, they will be deterred from making that perilous journey, stopping the boats and saving thousands of lives.
I know that our international frameworks are outdated. So there may be flashpoints ahead with the ECHR.
And if the Strasbourg Court make me choose between the ECHR and this country’s security, I will choose our country’s security every single time.
And nor will I ever compromise on defending our values, our history, and our way of life, against those who seek to undermine them.

This is a long-winded way of Sunak admitting that he has abandoned international law and intends to run the UK in contravention of the UN Charter and the various Geneva and Hague conventions.

I am unapologetically proud of who we are.

And under my leadership, ours will be a country where people can disagree in good faith, but where they must do so with respect and decency for others.
A country where the benefits of belonging to our Union are self-evident to the overwhelming majority of our people.

A country where we protect and strengthen the greatest institution of all – the family, better protect children from the harms of the online and offline worlds, and do more to protect single sex spaces.
A country where we celebrate the small acts of kindness that bind our society together, and where we actively work to rebuild the civic involvement and pride that have always formed part of our distinctive national culture.

A country where we honour those prepared to pay the highest price for our freedoms, as we make this the best place in the world to be a veteran here at home.
And a country where we properly respect the older generation.
They’ve contributed all their lives, so whatever the triple lock costs, it is morally right to give older people dignity and comfort in retirement.
But as well as strengthening our national security and restoring pride in our national culture, we’ll also protect you from the dangers of a more unstable world by giving you greater peace of mind over your financial security.

This entire section is just empty rhetoric, Conservative governments have run the UK into the ground, wrecked its economy, reduced the living conditions of much of its population, and placed it in the path of real danger of war. For what has it done all of this? To pander to the dictates of the wealthy privileged few who pull all of the strings in the West. In any other age Sunak would have been jailed for treason.

People have been struggling to make ends meet – I know that. In the last few years, you’ve seen rising energy bills, mortgage rates, the cost of the weekly shop.

And I hope I’ve shown through my time in office that, from furlough to support with your energy bills, the government I lead will always be there for you.
But that’s only possible if we take the tough decisions to strengthen the country’s finances and control debt.
You can trust me to do that.

Based upon his actual track record, what he has done not what he claims to have done, Sunak is the very last person to be trusted with the UK’s future.

When I stood for the leadership of my party, and my opponent’s policies imperilled our financial strength, I was sooner prepared to lose than abandon what I believe so deeply is right for our country.
I feel the same conviction about Net Zero.

In a more unstable world, where dictators like Putin have held us to ransom over energy prices, I reject the ideological zeal of those who want us to adopt policies that go further, faster than any other country, no matter the cost or disruption to people’s lives.

More empty Rhetoric, Sunak is UK prime minister without ever facing a public vote. Putin was elected in a national vote by more than 87% of the Russian population. Sunak is all ideology and zero rationality.

[Please note political content redacted here.]

But even as we strengthen our security and our sense of pride and confidence in ourselves, I also feel a sense of urgency about readying our country to succeed in a world transformed.

That starts by giving all our young people – wherever they live and whatever their background – the skills and knowledge to succeed.

Building on the success of the last 14 years, we will create a truly world-class education system.
The Advanced British Standard is the most far-reaching reform to education for 16-18 year olds in a generation.

We’re tearing down the artificial barriers between technical and academic education.
Increasing children’s time in the classroom.
Studying a greater breadth of subjects to match our competitors.
And unapologetically saying that every single child must leave school not just literate but numerate as well.

Now, I know this will not win universal acclaim but maths will be fundamental to our children’s life chances in this new technological age.

There is no success to build upon, education standards have fallen consistently over the last 14 years, affordable adult education has all but disappeared. Worse still Sunak still does not understand what makes education successful in the modern world by his very own words. It is not maths or any other one subject that is important, it is the quality of the teachers and the desire to learn of the students.

And it is our duty to give them those skills. And more. We’ll end rip-off degrees and massively expand the number of apprenticeships, because a degree is not the only path to success in the modern economy.
And we’ll make sure that everyone has the funding they need to retrain or learn new skills, at any point in their lives, because in the future education won’t stop when you walk out of the school gates.
But for Britain to finish first in today’s world, we don’t just need the skills to succeed, we need to create a dynamic, innovative economy fuelled by technological progress, so we lead in the industries of the future and help you and your family become wealthier and more economically secure.

The rip-off degrees were a Conservative/Labour invention along with the rip-off student loans, and as previously stated adult education became unaffordable for the poor when the tech colleges and colleges of further education were commercialised .

The government I lead is creating the conditions for a new British dynamism. By investing in the new infrastructure of the future – not just roads, railways, and buses, but gigabit broadband, research and development, computing power.
By helping to create hundreds of thousands of good, secure, well-paid, highly-skilled jobs, that will level up opportunity right across our country.
And yes, by taking the necessary decisions to build the right homes in the right places to support those jobs. (41) see note

More Hot air, this government have built no new roads, no new railways, it has not even properly maintained and supported those that already exist. And when will these hundreds of thousands of well paid jobs come into existence, and who will get these jobs when there is already a critical shortage of skilled people in the UK? And what role does the central government occupy in housebuilding?

But true British dynamism won’t come from the State alone. It will come from you. It will come from the ingenuity and creativity of the British people, given the support, the opportunities and the rewards to have, pursue and realise big ambitions.
If you have a brilliant new idea – I want you to build it. If you’re passionate about solving a problem – I want you to pursue it.

If you simply want to set up on your own – I want you to get out there and do it.

The mere fact that you will have to fund it all yourself 999 times out of 1,000 and even if you are totally successful you still won’t get any investment means you either sell it abroad or throw it in the bin. Sunak has just shown his support for small companies by substantially raising the small business registration fee.

Because you won’t find the future written in a slide deck in a Whitehall quango.
You’ll find it out there in our country.
And so the government I lead will create the conditions for people themselves to try, to build, to invent – yes, sometimes to fail, but more often to succeed.
That’s why we’re cutting taxes directly on investment. It’s why we’re cutting taxes to encourage innovation.
And it’s why we’re seizing the freedom and flexibility of Brexit. Because so often, the EU’s default approach was top down, precautionary regulation.

More nonsense, the Brexit dividend was squandered and then the UK by aligning with the USA effectively reduced its trade with the rest of the world. UK inventors are few as they are hampered by the EU regulations that the UK has still not removed from the statute book as well as the massive burden of Health and Safety legislation that makes the cost of invention very high.

Whereas we in the UK now have the chance to be more agile, so that rather than stifling innovation and growth, we encourage it, in everything from financial services to agriculture, from healthcare to house building.
Above all, we will reward hard work.
Because you don’t get anything in life without hard work.
So we’re making the tax system simpler, fairer, and more rewarding, cutting National Insurance by £900 for the average worker, alongside increasing the state pension by £900 this year.
We’re raising the National Living Wage to end low pay.
And we’re reforming welfare to make sure that work always pays, and our safety net is fair to those who pay for it.
Not least because giving people support to get off welfare and into work gives them purpose, dignity and hope and it is also the only sustainable way to cut legal migration.
A world-class education system.
A dynamic, innovative economy.
Hard work valued and rewarded.

Apart from the repetitive content of this section I will point out that the tax reduction and NI reductions are being paid for by reducing benefits to the disabled and poor.

That’s how Britain will succeed in future.
That’s how we’ll grow the economy.
And that’s how we’ll transform public services, too.
Imagine a welfare system where new technologies allow us to crack down on the fraudsters, exploiting the hardworking taxpayers who fund it.
Imagine the huge opportunities to cut crime through technologies like live facial recognition, helping police catch wanted criminals, find missing people, and spend more time on the beat.
And imagine our NHS, still free at the point of use, but transformed for the future.
A service staffed by tens of thousands more doctors and nurses, thanks to our Long Term Workforce Plan.
Backed by record funding made possible by years of fiscal discipline. With far greater choice over where you can receive your care, made as simple as choosing what to watch on iPlayer.
And I believe there will be no more powerful example of what all the forces of British dynamism, innovation, scientific discovery and technological progress can achieve, than this:
To address, finally, the fear of one word that still lurks in the back of everyone’s minds, that touches almost every family in our country, and that envelopes our whole world, if we or a loved one hears it: cancer.
Yet even here, if we are bold enough, there can be cause for new hope. We already know we can prevent most lung cancer cases – the UK’s leading cause of cancer deaths – by stopping smoking.
That’s why I took the important decision to create a smokefree generation.
And with huge breakthroughs in early diagnosis and new treatments, like the MRNA vaccine for skin cancer, I believe we can be just as bold and ambitious in improving rates of cancer survival.
Because if we can bring together my vision of a country transformed, with our world class education system that trains the PhD oncologists and apprentice lab technicians, and our dynamic economy that attracts investors and incubates the billion-pound biotech businesses of the future, our post-Brexit regulatory freedoms to approve trials in a safe but faster way.
And the scale of our NHS to help us research and trial those new drugs in a way no other country can, then just one example of the incredible achievements this country can make would be to make a generational breakthrough against this cruel disease and fundamentally change what it will mean for our children and grandchildren to hear the word cancer.
Today I’ve set out my vision for how Britain can succeed in one of the most dangerous yet transformational eras we’ve ever known.
The values that lie behind that vision are a new patriotism: a confidence in ourselves and in all that we can achieve.

More froth and wind, UK drug trials are the longest and most expensive in the world and often the least reliable. They did not pick up the risks from the mRNA covid vaccines for instance. Atmospheric pollution is still a major cause of lung and other cancers and then there are the stockpiles of depleted Uranium weapons that slowly spread cancer causing agents through the military and which also seep into the land and ground water systems causing further cancer risks three to four generations hence,

[Please note political content redacted here.]

I reject those who insidiously question our history and our identity.
I believe in that innate confidence in ourselves that has always run through our island story.
And just as we’re proud of all that we created, invented, and discovered in our past, so we can be confident and optimistic about what we will achieve in our future.
My pledge to you is that I will create the conditions to make that possible, to help you fulfil your ambitions.
To build the world-class education system that gives our children the skills they need to succeed, no matter where they started off in life.
To create the dynamic, innovative economy that will give you the opportunity of a wealthier, more financially secure life for you and your family.
To restore our sense of civic pride and national cohesion so we can be secure in the knowledge that we are all on the same side.
And above all, you can trust me to keep you and your family safe and secure from the threats we face at home and abroad.
There are storms ahead.
The dangers are all too real.
But Britain can feel proud again.
Britain can feel confident again.
Because with bold action and a clear plan, we can and we will create a secure future.”

In short Sunak opposes looking to the truth in the UK’s past and facing up to the misdeeds both international and domestically committed by previous generations of government. He believes that lies and propaganda can create civic pride and patriotism. In the short-term maybe they can, but the disillusion is that much greater when the falseness of it all is revealed.

There is not a single phrase in this speech that would persuade any rational person that Sunak and his party are fit to govern the UK, and lest you feel that this is a partisan comment in favour of some other UK political party let me assure you that the same doubt applies to the Labour Party and all the other major parties lining up for the next election. It is as clear as day that what the UK really needs is a complete overhaul of a system of governance that has been proved incapable of generating shared prosperity in the modern world and is increasingly out of line with the needs and most basic aspirations of the British people.

Published 13 May 2024


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