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By Andrew Korybko, in Oriental Review, March 6, 2015

Map of KyrgyzstanPart one of this series (The male Nuland and the U.S.’ central Asia strategy, Oriental Review, March 5, 2015) discussed newly-appointed U.S. ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Richard Miles’ ‘color revolution’ credentials and why the arrival of the ‘male Nuland’ in Bishkek [Kyrgyzstan’s capital city] likely portends an oncoming destabilization there. It also looked at American policy towards Uzbekistan and the importance of Ambassador Spratlen’s appointment to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. An overview of the US’ grand strategy against Russia, as adapted for the Central Asian vector, was also explored in that section.

Part two of the article forecasts what the chaos that Miles is about to unleash in Kyrgyzstan will look like, including the tempting ‘media Crimea’ scenario that is bound to split Tashkent from Moscow and crown Uzbekistan as the US’ long-term Lead From Behind proxy in Central Asia…

* * *

Zeroing in on Kyrgyzstan and Richard Miles’ ‘temporary’ appointment as the de-facto ambassador there, it’s likely that the general course of Color Revolutionary chaos will take on a relatively predetermined path. Parliamentary elections are scheduled for October 2015 and will likely serve as ‘the event’ needed to ‘justify’ a Color Revolution.

This is a very opportune time for the destabilization to commence, since Kyrgyzstan would have already joined the Eurasian Union, and ‘opposition’ candidates and/or activists can attempt to manipulate this into a campaign issue (either within the country or in front of the foreign media). Also, October represents the tail end of fall and the beginning of winter, which in Kyrgyzstan, leads to a de-facto months-long division between the North and the South owing to the blocking of critical mountain passes connecting the two…

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