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By Robert Parry, Consortium News, November 19, 2015

President Obama meets with his national security advisors in Aug 2014 (White House photo)

President Obama meets with his national security advisors in Aug 2014 (White House photo)

Official Washington’s many false narratives about Russia and Syria have gotten so tangled that they have become a danger to the struggle against Sunni jihadist terrorism and conceivably a threat to the future of the planet, a risk that Robert Parry explores.

One way to view Official Washington is to envision a giant bubble that serves as a hothouse for growing genetically modified “group thinks.” Most inhabitants of the bubble praise these creations as glorious and beyond reproach, but a few dissenters note how strange and dangerous these products are. Those critics, however, are then banished from the bubble, leaving behind an ever-more concentrated consensus.

We recommend to readers to read the full story at the original posting on Consortium News, weblink above. It contains many photos which are important to the story narrative.–New Cold


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