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ANF News, July 16, 2016

Selahattin Demirtas (C), co-chair of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), speaks at press conference in city of Diyarbakir ('Amed' in Kurdish) on July 16, 2016 (Kurdistan 24)

Selahattin Demirtas (C), co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), speaks at press conference in city of Diyarbakir (‘Amed’ in Kurdish) on July 16, 2016 (Kurdistan 24)

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş held a press conference in the HDP building in the city of Amed (Diyarbakir in Turkish) on the coup attempt. He stated that they could not join the meeting at the parliament in Ankara because of flights, and the coup attempt of soldiers from the military has not yet been fully contained.

‘Our stance against the coup is clear’

Demirtaş noted that the HDP’s stance against coups and coup plotters was clear, and the HDP remained loyal to democratic principles and condemned the attempt from the beginning of the coup. Demirtaş stated that there could be no legitimate defense of coups, and shared determination enabled the failure of last night’s attempt. Demirtaş said that expecting coups to contribute to democracy was naïve, and underlined the importance of understanding the grave mistakes of last night’s plotters who were eventually defeated.

‘A new coup movement agaisnt the coup faction’

Demirtaş recalled that a need for democracy emerged after the June 7 elections, and the civilian coup that has taken place since then continues to remain. Demirtaş described last night’s attempt as a new coup movement against the coup faction, and said that Turkey failed to evaluate the opportunities that arose from the results of June 7 elections. Demirtaş said that the nationalist and racist war bloc has split into two, and last night’s events force Turkey to reevaluate the results of June 7 elections. The HDP Co-President said that certain steps need to be taken in order to rid Turkey of coup threats, and the statements of the President and the Prime Minister would reveal if these steps would actually be taken.

‘Importance of democracy front has resurfaced’

Demirtaş stated that a sincere and brave route that would end the polarization in Turkey was needed and should be taken this year. Demirtaş called for an end to authoritarian policies and emphasized the need for a democratic environment. The HDP president said that the importance of the democracy front has resurfaced after last night, and called for enhancing the struggle for democracy. Demirtaş warned the dangers of insisting on post-June 7 policies, and said that the AKP government should stop its paranoid policies.

Demirtaş criticized those that describe the HDP as collaborators of coup plotters, and said that they only want to live on their own lands freely and equally. Demirtaş emphasized the importance of the public’s role in politics, and noted that those that labeled HDP parliamentarians as traitors for calling upon people to take their democratic struggle to the streets were doing similar acts today. Demirtaş said that it was legitimate to resist against coups on the streets, and the HDP would continue counting on the people and their public resistance.

Warning on the ‘development of ISIS mentality’

HDP Co-President Demirtaş warned that ISIS mentality would develop if peoples believing in a bright future failed to shape their own future, and the HDP would not defend coup plotters under any circumstances. Demirtaş offered his condolences to the families of the people that were killed last night, and said that the HDP would continue its parliamentarian struggle with the support of the people.

‘Öcalan understodd developments correctly’

In response to a question on the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Demirtaş said that Öcalan has been able to understand the developments in Turkey better than anyone else despite the isolation he has been objected to over the past 17 years. Demirtaş recalled Öcalan’s warnings that ‘a coup mechanism would be activated if the peace process ended, and the process was the main obstacle on the way of future coups. Lastly, Demirtaş emphasized that Turkey was suffering immensely from the isolation and exclusion of a person like Öcalan, who has been interpreting developments in Turkey, Syria and the Middle East correctly and critically.

Note by New Cold The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) holds the third largest number of seats in the Turkish Parliament. In June 2016, a two-thirds majority in the Parlimanet voted to lift constitutional protection of immunity for Parliamentary deputies. The measure is aimed at the HDP’s outspoken opposition to the war of the Turkish government against autonomy for the Kurdish people of the country, particularly in eastern Turkey where Kurds constitute a majority of the population, and the government’s overall moves towards an authoritarian presidency and state.

Attacks on HDP offices following coup attempt in Turkey

Report in Turkish on, July 16, 2016, translated to English by Kurdish Question

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) offices have been attacked in three cities following the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

The offices of the left-wing pro-autonomy HDP, which condemned the attempted military coup against the Turkish government, were attacked in Malatya, Osmaniye and Iskenderun during demonstrations by pro-government people.

The offices in Malatya and Osmaniye were stoned and then broken into, with the attackers breaking tables and chairs. In Iskenderun, attackers fired live rounds at the office, breaking windows.

There are fears that groups shouting religious slogans and carrying Turkish flags, who have already lynched, beheaded and tortured putschist soldiers in Istanbul, could further attack pro-Kurdish, Alevi and non-religious organisations and individuals. There are reports that nationalist mobs tried to enter the left-wing Gazi neighbourhood today but were repelled.

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