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New Cold, March 24, 2016

Ukrainian paramilitary Nadiya Savchenko at her sentencing hearing in Russia on March 22, 2016

Ukrainian paramilitary Nadiya Savchenko at her sentencing hearing in Russia on March 22, 2016

On March 22, Ukrainian paramilitary extremist Nadiya Savchenko was sentenced by a Russian court in Donetsk, Rostov region, to 22 years in prison for her role in the killing of two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine on June 17, 2014. Savchenko was found guilty of directing artillery fire on the journalists. She was serving as an artillery spotter for the extreme-right ‘Aidar’ paramilitary battalion.

Savchenko as well as supporters from Ukraine staged a spectacle at the sentencing hearing. A Russian television news program broadcast a report on the spectacle which has been sub-titled into English. Watch the broadcast here, or click on the screen below.

Savchenko’s arrest and trial and the legal implications of her guilty verdict are reported extensively on New Cold, including in this report dated March 22, 2016.

The New York Times article reporting on Savchenko’s sentencing repeatedly refers to the woman as “Lieutenant Savchenko”. It does not report that she left her military posting in the Ukrainian armed forces in May 2014 in order to volunteer to wage war against the people of eastern Ukraine. Like many of her fellow extremists, she was dissatisfied with the unwillingness of many ordinary Ukrainian servicemen to follow orders to shoot and kill citizens of the country. So she volunteered for a paramilitary battalion.

Full background on the case of Ukrainian paramilitary Nadiya Savchenko, here:

Guilty: Russian court convicts Ukrainian paramilitary N. Savchenko of accessory to murdering journalists, New Cold, March 21, 2016


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