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TASS, Oct 14, 2015

MOSCOW–Russia emphatically disagrees with the conclusions contained in the report of the Dutch Safety Board following a probe into the MH17 flight disaster, the deputy chief of Russia’s aviation agency Rosaviatsiya has told the media.

Oleg Storchevoy speaks at press conference in Moscow on Oct 14, 2015 (YouTube screenshot)

Oleg Storchevoy speaks at press conference in Moscow on Oct 14, 2015 (YouTube screenshot)

“We’ve studied the document and I can say with responsibility that the Russian commission categorically disagrees with the report’s conclusions,” said Oleg Strochevoy. “These are fundamentally wrong and contradiction to logic is out of proportion,” he said.

“It seems the commission was picking evidence. The report does not have enough facts confirming the trustworthiness of the investigation,” Storchevoy said.

Dutch probe found no characteristic strike elements in Boeing’s debris

The international panel of inquiry investigating the July 2014 MH17 flight disaster has failed to provide any evidence the characteristic strike elements of a surface-to-air missile were identified in the debris of the airliner, Storchevoy told the media on Wednesday.

“The shape and chemical composition of the H-shaped strike elements have nothing to do with those presented in the commission’s report. It is essential to have officially published information confirming these elements were identified,” he said.

Russia invites international commission members to get acquainted with Buk parameters

Russia has no absolute proof of the fact that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane was downed over Ukraine by a Buk antiaircraft system missile, Storchevoy noted.

The Russian side has invited members of the international commission on the investigation of the MH17 crash to come to Russia and familiarize themselves with the parameters of the Buk missile system but received no reply, he said.

“Our invitations to come to Russia and familiarize themselves with the original data and the parameters of Buk have remained unanswered,” Storchevoy added.

Russian missile manufacturer MH17 crash report

On Tuesday, the Dutch Safety Board published the results of its probe into the MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine in mid-July 2014 and its results contradict the findings announced by the Russian antiaircraft missile system manufacturer Almaz-Antey.

According to the report, the airliner was hit by a missile with the 9H314M warhead. Meanwhile, Almaz-Antey proved earlier on Tuesday that the Boeing was shot down by an older missile modification with different striking elements.

Almaz-Antey also confirmed the version that the fatal missile had been launched from the Zaroshchenskoye community controlled by the Ukrainian military and rejected the international commission’s version of the missile’s launch from Snezhnoye, a town that had been under militia’s control at that time.


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