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Report on TASS Russian news agency, Jan 11, 2017, translated to English by Russia Beyond The Headlines, Jan 11, 2017

The Kremlin has no compromising materials on U.S. President-elect Donald Trump or his former rival at the presidential elections, Democrat Hillary Clinton, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on January 11.

Peskov was commenting on the reports that Russia allegedly had compromising materials on U.S. politicians. “No, the Kremlin has no compromising materials on Trump while information [to the contrary] has nothing to do with reality and is nothing but an absolute fabrication,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

The Kremlin spokesman also said the Russian leadership did not have any compromising information on Hillary Clinton either. “This is absolutely fake news, an absolute fabrication and complete nonsense. The Kremlin does not engage in gathering compromising materials,” the presidential spokesman said.

As the Kremlin spokesman said, “the Russian president deals with building relations with our foreign partners in the interests of the Russian Federation and in the interests of the Russian people, and also in the interests of the global world, stability and security.”

“This is called pulp fiction,” the Kremlin spokesman said, characterizing the relevant report on the alleged compromising materials.

In Peskov’s opinion, such publications “are an obvious attempt to harm our bilateral relations.”

“The quality of the unclassified part of the previous report [on alleged Russian hacker attacks on the United States] and the quality of this fake information are comparable,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

“The quality of this paper speaks by itself,” Peskov said.

U.S. President-elect Trump also characterized this new fabrication as a continuation of a ‘witchhunt’, the Kremlin spokesman said.

The online news site BuzzFeed posted a document on January 10 which was a full version of a former British intelligence agent’s report, according to the site’s data. The web portal acknowledged the report as unverified and having been prepared for Trump’s political foes.

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