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The NCW editors are pleased to introduce to our readers the Real-World Economics Review and the Real-World Economics Review Blog. Of course, it may be that you already know the review but if not, it is a peer-reviewed open access academic journal of heterodox economics that has been published by the “Post-Autistic Economics Network” since 2000. Since 2011 it is associated with the World Economics Association.

Here is a link to a PDF of the current Issue No 90, Dec 9, 2019

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Making America great again
Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan
American trade deficits and the unidirectionality error
Kenneth Austin
The “Nobel Prize” for Economics 2019… illustrates the nature and inadequacy of conventional economics
Ted Trainer
Greenwish: the wishful thinking undermining the ambition of sustainable business
Duncan Austin
An evolutionary theory of resource distribution
Blair Fix
The case for the ontology of money as credit: money as bearer or basis of “value”
Phil Armstrong and Kalim Siddiqui
Cross-current, or change in the direction of the mainstream?
Arthur M. Diamond, Jr
Negative natural interest rates and secular stagnation: much ado about nothing?
Leon Podkaminer
John Komlos’s Foundations of Real-World Economics: What every economics student needs to know
Alan Freeman
The importance of ecological economics: An interview with Herman Daly
Herman Daly and Jamie Morgan



EDITOR’S NOTE: We remind our readers that publication of articles on our site does not mean that we agree with what is written. Our policy is to publish anything which we consider of interest, so as to assist our readers in forming their opinions. Sometimes we even publish articles with which we totally disagree, since we believe it is important for our readers to be informed on as wide a spectrum of views as possible.

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