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New Cold, Feb 24, 2016

A founder of the present-day fascist movement in Ukraine who also serves presently as the deputy-speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament spent several days in Ottawa this week visiting and discussing with members of Parliament, the Senate and some in mainstream media.

Canadian Prime Minister Justic Trudeau greets Ukrainian paramilitary extremist Andriy Parubiy in Ottawa on Feb 23, 2016

Canadian Prime Minister Justic Trudeau greets Ukrainian paramilitary extremist Andriy Parubiy in Ottawa on Feb 23, 2016

According to the Ukrinform news service, in Ottawa on Feb 23, Parubiy met with recently-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Minister. He also met with other MPs from the ruling Liberal Party and the opposition Conservative Party, says Ukrinform.

The visit was given a fawning review in the Globe and Mail national daily on February 23. Referring to Andriy Parubiy as “a leading Ukrainian politician”, the Globe and Mail writer quoted Parubiy’s message of confrontation and war with Russia:

“Putin understands only the language of force in international relations,” the deputy Speaker said. “The diplomacy of the Western countries – he perceives [this] as a sign of weakness … you will lose time and you will be back where you started from.”

Those with views opposing the right-wing government in Ukraine are barred from the pages of the Globe and Mail and the rest of Canada’s mainstream media. But judging by the more than 200 comments made to this latest Globe and Mail article, most readers of the publication do not share the Globe editors’ enthusiasm for right-wing extremism in Ukraine. Enclosed is a selection of comments by readers to the subscriber-only, online edition of the daily newspaper.

Andriy Parubiy in Ottawa, Feb 23, 2015 (Chris Wattie, Reuters)

Andriy Parubiy in Ottawa, Feb 23, 2015 (Chris Wattie, Reuters)

This is not the first time that readers of the Globe have expressed strong opposition to the newspaper’s cozying up to the extreme-right in Ukraine. Controversy erupted in Canada in April 2015 over the decision of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to ban a scheduled performance by the Ukrainian antiwar, classical piano star Valentina Lisitsa. Globe readers reacted very strongly to that decision, as reported here in New Cold : Readers of Globe and Mail slam reporter criticizing pianist Valentina Lisitsa, April 15, 2015.

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Selection of comments by Globe and Mail readers to article ‘Ukrainian politician warns Ottawa not to resume ties with Russia‘, by Steven Chase, The Globe and Mail, Feb 23, 3016

Steve M
The Trudeau government should do no more than give this joker a polite, but short hearing. Like it or not, Canada’s government has no choice but to talk with Russia. Any dealings we have with the Ukraine and its government are mostly carried out with domestic politics in mind.

Richard Roskell
Canada has things in common with Russia, including important issues that will require bilateral agreement. Canada has nothing in common with Ukraine, particularly it’s far right neo-Nazi politics. Ukraine’s interest in Canada is pure self-interest: it desperately needs support after rejecting Russia. Yet in dealing with Ukraine, the only thing Canada can look forward to is endlessly pouring money into the gaping hole of its corrupt politics.

Neither Russia nor Ukraine have Canada’s interests at heart. But between the two, the only way we can advance Canadian interests is by dealing with Russia. Dealing with Ukraine can only cost Canada in the short to medium term. Let them clean up their act, and maybe in ten years we can talk.

Parubiy is a mastermind of the Odessa massacre and should be tried at The Hague International Criminal Court.

Z Andrukhiv
Those who like the current regime in Kiev and like the way they seized power should also like a similar Maidan in Ottawa, I guess. Why not?

Ab Omen
The current conflict in Eastern Ukraine exploded precisely because a large part of South-Eastern Ukraine rejects the ethnic nationalism and ultra-right wing politics represented by such figures as Andriy Parubiy. Canada, by extending an official welcome or support to persons like him, grants legitimacy to Ukrainian politicians who are destroying Ukraine by actively imposing their ultra-nationalist ideology on the Ukrainian population.

The founder of the Ukrainian Nazi Party back in the day. Yep. Trudeau def needs to listen to him.

Slippery Slope
Who is Andriy Parabiy? A fascist nationalist:

Good day. Here is a fairly objective documentary about Ukraine and who Canadian government is dealing with Ukraine. The only conclusion I can make is that Canadian government is extremely ignorant about who they are dealing with Ukraine, or Canadian government enjoys dealing with monsters that murder innocent people because they speak Russian and not Ukrainian or don’t want to live under a U.S.-sponsored junta in Ukraine. ‘Ukraine: The masks of the revolution’ is a French documentary about the Ukrainian revolution and who stands behind it. It opened even my eyes to some things. I challenge Canadian media to show this documentary: [Access the documentary here:]

Bravery from the Broom Closet
Maybe someone should tell this guy that [former Canadian foreign minister John] Baird cashed in his chips while the ship was sinking and Harper is still hiding in a closet somewhere.

We already voted one corrupt ‘bully boy’ out of office and don’t need anyone telling us who to be ‘friends’ with. Our former muffin man leadership used the Canadian Embassy as a front, to assist in the ‘take down’ of a democratically elected government. ‘Cons’ have done enough damage in the last decade without having to prop up one of the most corrupt governments in the world.

Has George Soros purchased the Globe and Mail?

Jim Jacobson
Just to be clear – the Ukrainian politician in question is a well known nationalist and the leader of neo-nazi “Svoboda” party, which was demonstrating under slogans “hang Russians” and “stab Russians”. This is the kind of people who (with a tacit approval of US, Canada and EU) rule in Ukraine today.

The annexation of Crimea by Russia was entirely the fault of NATO, primarily the United States. CIA funding of opposition groups to get a pro-western government in power that would contemplate joining NATO in Russia’s backyard was a stupid and shortsighted idea. Crimea is home to Russia’s military-industrial complex, it’s where Russia’s military aircraft and other hardware is made. To think that Russia would stand by and let NATO scoop that up as Ukraine flirted with joining NATO and the EU right in their backyard was provocative and stupid. Bear in mind that Russia was choked enough that the US and NATO wanted to put a ballistic missile shield in Turkey – imagine if they put it up right on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

Really, NATO is an alliance looking for a cause. Russia is no longer (or at least was no longer) a direct military threat to NATO after the fall of the Soviet Union. That NATO keeps expanding a military alliance to defend against an imaginary threat shows it’s antiquity.

Russia is also getting annoyed with the US and NATO-led regime change policy, interfering in sovereign nations. Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and now Syria are complete disaster zones. They come to bring “freedom and democracy” and end up leaving behind terrorist breeding grounds and Islamic State.

The only honest actor in the Middle East right now is Russia. Turkey, the US, Saudi, Qatar, and Israel are all funding their own little terrorists of different stripes with their own objectives. Russia is just killing anyone who opposes the rule of law and trying to regain some stability. It’s quite telling when you have the might of NATO there to “fight Islamic State” for two years and Russia bombs more targets in a day than NATO does in months – it makes it kind of obvious that the real rationale to be there isn’t to obliterate Islamic State. Oddly enough, Turkey is a NATO member and is accepting thousands of truckloads of Islamic State oil and sending back money.

NATO should be thanking Russia for getting involved; they’re lucky Putin isn’t sending them the bill for cleaning up the mess they made.

Jo Blo
“In 1991 he (Andriy Parubiy) founded the Social-National Party of Ukraine…. the party combined radical nationalism and some neo-Nazi features (by its name and the “Wolfsangel”-like sign).” (Wikipedia). The Wolfsangel sign was the symbol of the 2nd SS Panzerdivision “Das Reich”, just to put it into perspective. That’s the kind of lunatic the Harper government’s been backing. The sooner he’s sent packing back to Ukraine, the better.

As person of Ukrainian descent, I have spent couple of months in Ukraine during Aug 2014 trying to find the Russian aggressors in Ukraine. Instead, I ended up evacuating my relatives from Ukrainian Nazis who openly were wearing swastikas on their cloth and even bodies. This guy should be arrested on arrival and sent to Hague tribunal together with their prime-minister.


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