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From, March 5, 2015, translated by Kristina Rus and published on her website Fort Russ

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In less than two weeks, the Donbas militia forces have completed renovations of the railway center at Debaltsevo. The command of Ukraine’s ‘anti-Terrorist Operation’ believed this to be impossible in principle.

“Debaltsevo railway junction is restored. On March 3rd unloading of ammunition from the trains was recorded at the station,” reports the spokeperson of Ukrainian security forces, Andrei Lysenko.

It should be noted that on February 19, the same Andrei Lysenko claimed that the railway junction is completely destroyed: “Strategic railway junction of Debaltsevo has ceased to exist as having significance for the local region. The entire railway junction turned into the surface of the moon: everything is destroyed,” he said.

Railway terminal at Debaltseve, photo by Mikhail Voskrensenskiy, Sputnik News on March 6, 2015

Railway terminal at Debaltseve, photo by Mikhail Voskrensenskiy, Sputnik News on March 6, 2015

Thus for the “exploration of the moon” and the restoration of important strategic junction, which was completely destroyed it took militia only 12 days.

The Ukrainian media did not ask the question, why “terrorists” are busy restoring the infrastructure of the native land with the pace of Stakhanov, while the Ukrainian authorities are doing everything possible for its destruction.

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Ukrainian media: DPR ‘terrorists’ in Debaltseve restored railway in 12 days

Sputnik News, Friday, March 6, 2015

Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council spokesman Andrei Lysenko has confirmed that the Donetesk Peoples Republic has restored the railway junction in Debaltseve in a matter of 12 days, following earlier reports that it had been completely destroyed and turned into “the surface of the moon.”

“The Debaltseve railway junction has been restored. On March 3rd, ammunition was seen being unloaded from trains,” Lysenko stated today, cited by Ukraine’s

On February 19, Lysenko had reported that the Debaltseve railway junction had been destroyed. “The strategic Debaltseve railway junction has ceased to have any significance for the local region. The entire railway hub has been turned into the surface of the moon: everything has been destroyed.”

Ukrainian media reporting on the restoration of the railway junction have characterized it as “terrorists restoring the railroad.” Well-known Donetsk-based political scientist Vladimir Kornilov commented with sarcasm on the media’s interesting approach on his Facebook page: “It’s an uncommon occurrence, terrorists building railways! The brave Ukrainian army destroys them, while the terrorists build and build, restore and repair… They have really terrorized the local population with their construction projects and repairs!”

Donetsk People’s Republic representatives recently reported that they have successfully restored 20 kilometers of railway line in areas damaged by fighting. Debaltseve has been under the control of DPR forces since February 18.

In late February, Ukraine’s Highway Agency estimated 4.7 billion hryvnia (roughly $167.6 million US) in damage to the roads of war-torn Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Meanwhile, the Department of Economics of the Donetsk Regional Administration has estimated the destruction of over 10,000 objects of infrastructure, at a cost of nearly 3 billion hryvnia ($107 million).


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