In Solidarity with Ukrainian people

Say NO to another U.S. war based on lies!
STOP $3.5 billion in weapons to Ukraine government that includes Nazis!

Join the PROTEST in New York City on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 5:30 pm
At the New York Times Building
680 Eighth Ave. (btwn. W. 41 & 40 Sts.), Manhattan
Facebook event here

Millions of people around the world have watched with alarm as the U.S.-backed Ukrainian government has again escalated its war of terror against the independent Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics of the Donbas region. But there is utter silence in Washington and European capitals about the massacre of civilians… until the anti-fascist, volunteer fighters of Donbas surrounded last week up to 7,000 Ukrainian troops in the Debaltsevo region.

Suddenly, there is a flurry of diplomacy by France and Germany, who fear defeat of the far-right government in Kiev, which came to power through an illegal coup one year ago with U.S. and European Union support. In Washington, Republican Senator John McCain along with high-ranking bipartisan allies in Congress and the Obama administration is pushing for openly arming the Ukrainian junta, which includes open neo-Nazis in power for the first time since World War II.

According to German intelligence sources, up to 50,000 people have been killed in the Ukrainian civil war since April 2014. Ukraine’s military bombs schools, hospitals and homes, using U.S.-supplied weapons and tax dollars – OUR money.

Now McCain, Secretary of State John Kerry and others want to send $3.5 billion in heavy weaponry to continue the slaughter. All this to bring NATO to Russia’s doorstep. Meanwhile, people in the U.S. are lied to by the media and officials, who blame Russia for the crisis and egg on further provocations.

Every bomb that falls on children in Donbas is money stolen from hungry children here in the U.S. It brings us closer to a new world war that young Black, Brown and white workers will be expected to fight – the same young people who are resisting racist police terror and low wage exploitation.

  • Money for jobs, housing, schools and health care – not bombing of Donbas!
  • Justice for Mike Brown & Eric Garner – not war and destruction abroad!

It is time to draw the connections between #BlackLivesMatter, #Fightfor15 and #SaveDonbassPeople. People across Ukraine, led by women, are opposing the war and the latest military draft imposed by Kiev. It is urgent that anti-war and progressive people in the U.S. follow their heroic example.

At this moment when the crisis in Ukraine is the top of the news, even a very modest action can have a big impact. Ask your local anti-war group, community organization or union to hold a rally or picket. Or get a couple of friends together to hold signs in a heavily trafficked area. Invite the media. Take some pictures that can be shared online. Every action against the growing war counts.

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