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Telesur, Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed off on amendments to a law Thursday to regulate the admission and presence of foreign troops in the country, thus legally allowing international militaries to operate in the country.

U.S. and Ukrainian troops at opening of 'Fearless Guardian' military exercises in Ukraine (Efrem Lukatsky, AP)

U.S. and Ukrainian troops at opening of ‘Fearless Guardian’ military exercises in Ukraine (Efrem Lukatsky, AP)

The amendments establish the necessary legal background to have foreign troops semi-permanently stationed in the country. This will also speed up and ease their deployment within the territory, particularly to Eastern Ukraine, where fighting between Kiev and separatist [sic] rebels continues, and eliminate the need for additional legal authorization before doing so.

The amendments were adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament earlier this month, when Poroshenko said he would do everything in his power to speed up peacekeeping operations. However, the new amendments established provisions that would allow the deployment of nuclear weapons on the condition that Ukraine monitor their stay in its territory.

A clause was also established to ban military units from other countries from participating in peacekeeping operations, if they are “involved in military aggression against Ukraine”.

Ukraine has not specified which foreign troops will be stationed in the Ukraine, however NATO troops are currently based in neighboring Poland and have for months been engaged in military exercises in Eastern Europe.

Kiev has long been requesting that the United States and Europe intervene militarily in the region, however the reaction by western leaders has been mixed. The U.S, Britain and Canada have all so far agreed to send troops to Ukraine, but the European Union, particularly France and Germany, have been trying to push further peace dialogues rather than increase force in the region.

Note by New Cold editors: The above article by Telesur fails to report that the U.S., Britain and Canada are in the process of landing troops in Ukraine for the declared purpose of “training” the Ukrainian army and its allied, extreme-right National Guard and paramilitary battalions.

In the 21st century, most countries in the world prohibit the presence of foreign armies on their territory.

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