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Canadian activists launch petition calling for all sanctions to be lifted to restore international collaboration.

Published on NCW, Mar 29, 2020

To sign the petition please click here.

We, the undersigned, appeal to the Prime Minister and government of Canada to lift all sanctions as the only morally humanitarian response to the COVID19 crisis, urgently needed to put the speediest possible end to it.

The Corona Virus is a unique and unprecedented threat; we have seen nothing like it for at least a century, and possibly ever. To emerge safely, with our loved ones alive, and with the future of humankind secured, we cannot be bound by preconceived ideologies or judgements, and must act on the basis of our common membership of the human race.

In this situation it is the duty of national leaders to rise above all petty disputes and act with the sole primary motive of preserving life.

Canadians, like Italians and Brazilians whose governments have responded to urgent medical need by setting aside past differences and accepting Cuban and Russian medical expertise, and the 80 nations worldwide who have chosen to accept Chinese medical assistance, deserve the best medical help the world can offer.

Conversely, we must recognise our humanitarian duty to the peoples of all countries denied access, by sanctions, to basic food and medical necessities.

These illegal and unilateral coercive measures can have no other effect than to kill more people, raise the pool of infection on which the virus (which respects no national boundaries) depends, and nurture in the hearts of the affected peoples an enduring hatred of your government and the people of Canada. They have been rejected by the United Nations Human Rights Office, and a growing list of countries are calling for them to be rescinded.

If you recklessly pursue the course dictated to you by Donald Trump, Canada beside the US will be reviled in the world as having sought to use sickness, in humanity’s hour of need, as a weapon for political gain.

If on the other hand you show the courage to stake out an independent policy based on the highest principle of all, namely the common interests of the peoples of planet earth, you, and Canada’s citizens, can hold our heads high in its future counsels.

For the sake of humanity, we urge you to lift all economic, financial and military measures that stand in the way of the full free movement of all means of life, in both directions, between Canada and all other countries. In particular we call on you to speak out against the US blockade of Cuba, refrain from supporting President Trump’s reckless escalation of coercive measures against Venezuela, and seek all avenues for effective medical cooperation with all countries in the world including the rapid restoration of normal diplomatic relations.


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