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Presidential candidate Pedro Castillo (C), Peru, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @elpoliticonews

Keiko Fujimori does not accept her defeat. She filed a lawsuit against electoral authorities and requested a computer audit of the digitalized electoral records.

Published on TeleSUR, June 15, 2021

Peru’s Armed Forces on Monday stated their respect for the constitutional order and disassociated themselves from versions of a coup d’état in this South American country, which is still awaiting the official declaration of Free Peru candidate Pedro Castillo as the winner of the June 6 presidential elections.

“We regret the political use of the Armed Forces because this not only undermines their institutionality but also generates alarm, anxiety, and division at a time when the country requires unity and calm,” the Defense Ministry said.

The statement pointed out that the Armed Forces had “an exemplary role” in the elections guaranteeing the free exercise of the right to vote and protecting electoral officials. “Their mission in this electoral process has been fulfilled.”

Furthermore, the Armed Forces stressed that they are institutions respectful of the constitutional order that are not deliberative.

So far, the electoral authorities have published the results of 99.95 percent of the votes of the runoff in which Free Peru candidate Pedro Castillo has reached 50.14 percent of the vote and holds a lead of 48,220 votes against Popular Force candidate Keiko Fujimori who got 49.86 percent of the votes.

Despite the above, the far-right politician does not accept her defeat. This week, she filed a lawsuit against the National Jury of Elections (JNE) and requested a computer audit of the digitalized electoral records, which could further extend the official declaration of a winner.

Previously, Fujimori also filed over 800 lawsuits to annul 200,000 votes in favor of the leftist candidate Castillo. Most of these claims, however, were rejected by the electoral juries because they were presented after the legal deadline and did not have consistent evidence of fraud at the polling stations.


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