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Without peace in Ukraine, the humanitarian crisis will be uncontrollable

Statement of the Party of the European Left, Nov. 17, 2014

A delegation of the Party of the European Left (EL), headed by two of its vice presidents, Margarita Mileva and Maite Mola, has returned yesterday, Sunday November 16th, after a four-day visit to Kiev. The aim of the trip was to learn about the situation of the conflict in Ukraine on the ground, in such difficult moments in which the tension increases dangerously and threatens to put an end to the cease fire, the Minsk agreements and to restart large-scale combats in the province of Donbass.

During these days, the delegation has met with activists of social movements, non-governmental organizations, organizations in defence of civil and human rights of Kiev and Donbass, with independent journalists and media activists as well as the Communist Party of Ukraine.

After these meetings, the Party of the European Left demands the European Union to quickly take action in order to contribute putting an end to the civil war in the East of the country and to urgently help in tackling the humanitarian catastrophe triggered in Donetsk and Lugansk.

Gas, water and electricity infrastructure have been destroyed in the war zones and, if nothing is done soon to avoid it, people will start dying of cold when the temperatures drop during winter. The Government of Kiev does not pay pensions to retirees. The civil servants have not been paid since June. And the workers of the private sector who are paid cannot withdraw money from banks in the province. The situation threatens to worsen much more if the president fulfils the threats of closing hospitals and schools in Donbass and blocks the bank accounts of the inhabitants of the region.

The delegation regretted that President Poroshenko uses the patriotic mobilization to divert attention from the economic crisis and the social problems suffered by the people of Ukraine. The EL requests the President and the new Government to work for the peaceful resolution of the conflict and to avoid the aggravation of the humanitarian catastrophe of the population of Donbass and the citizen displaced by the conflict, something that they are not doing now.

The international delegation of the EL, that has been composed of prominent members of Die Linke (Germany), Dei Lenk (Luxembourg), the Party of Democratic Socialism (Czech Republic), the Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006 (Hungary), in addition to its two vice presidents, has reinforced its commitment to continue working for a just and lasting peace.


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