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By Julian Kunnie, originally published on


Southern Israel overlooking the Gaza Strip Jack Guez/AFP


The extermination of 500 Gaza hospital babies on incubators depending on oxygen is just one indication of the intentional genocidal actions of the Israeli apartheid regime.

The destruction of 350 000 civilian dwellings, the intentional annihilation to date of 25 295 people, 70% of whom are women, children and adolescents, and the wounding of over 63 000, with another 7 000+ buried under the rubble, makes this a classic case of genocide with almost 100 000 people murdered, injured, and wounded over a 3-month-plus span. The evidence of genocide as the South African distinguished legal team presented is crystal clear and documented by on January 15, making Israel’s feeble and anaemic response totally irrelevant and justifying genocide in 2023-2024, the first of its kind in this year and in many decades:

100 – the number of days of the latest genocidal war on Gaza.

24 000 – the total number of fatalities in Gaza since Oct 7

1 993 – the number of massacres committed by the regime since Oct 7

30 843 – the number of people killed or missing since Oct 7

23 843 – the number of people who were declared dead in hospitals.

10 400 – the number of children killed since Oct 7.

7 100 – the number of women killed since Oct 7.

337 – the number of doctors and paramedics killed since Oct 7.

45 – the number of civil defense personnel killed since Oct 7.

117 – the number of Palestinian journalists killed since Oct 7.

7 000 – the number of people missing, 70% of them children and women.


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