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Last October and November Katie Miranda hosted a series of excellent in-depth interviews for her blog Palestine: What’s working, what’s not in which she talks with academics,  activists and influencers. These discussions offer a range of opinions about the possibilities for Palestinian self-determination and hopes for peace in the Middle East.

NCW will be publishing the interviews two at a time over the coming weeks but it is also possible to see them all by visiting this link: Palestine: What’s working, what’s not 

For more information visit Miftah


Haidar Eid

Haidar Eid is Associate Professor of Postcolonial and Postmodern Literature at Gaza’s al-Aqsa University in Palestine. He has published papers on cultural Studies and literature in a number of journals and books .He has also written widely on the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is also a policy advisor with Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network and on the advisory board of The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. His books are Worlding (Post)modernism: Interpretive Possibilities of Critical Theory and Countering the Nakba: One State for All


Ramah Kudaimi

Ramah Kudaimi is the Director of Grassroots Organizing at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights and serves on the National Committee of the War Resisters League.


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