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Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine, based on information received as of 19:30hrs, Feb 5, 2016

Shelling in Donetsk by Ukrainian armed forces in Feb 2016 (Novorossiya Today)

Shelling in Donetsk by Ukrainian armed forces in Feb 2016 (Novorossiya Today)

The SMM observed ceasefire violations in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Whilst at the “DPR”-controlled central railway station (6km north-west of Donetsk city centre) between 8:11 and 11:50hrs[1] and 12:52 and 15:00hrs, the SMM heard 202 undetermined explosions, assessed to include 82mm mortars, as well as automatic grenade launchers, rocket-propelled grenades accompanied by an exchange of small-arms and heavy-machine-gun fire 2-5km north-east, north and north-west of its position.[2] At 15:00hrs when the SMM left its position, the exchange of fire was still on-going.

In Debaltseve (“DPR”-controlled, 58km north-eat of Donetsk) between 9:42 and 9:59hrs the SMM heard 11 undetermined explosions 6-15km west and north of its position. Between 10:24 and 10:56hrs it heard 13 undetermined explosions 10-25km west and north-west of its position; and between 13:57 and 15:02hrs it heard 65 undetermined explosions and six bursts (five rounds each) assessed as 30mm cannon, 8-25km west and north of its position.

Whilst facilitating and monitoring repairs to gas pipelines in government-controlled Marinka (23km south-west of Donetsk), the SMM heard 57 undetermined explosions of 82mm mortars 6-10km north-east of its position.

In Luhansk region, the SMM observed multiple explosions at various locations north, north-west, west, south-west and south of Luhansk.

The SMM followed up on reports about shelling in the evening of 4 February* in Petrovskyi district (“DPR”-controlled, 20km west of Donetsk) of Donetsk city. On Shestakova Street 57 the SMM saw two buildings – a house and a shed – both with visibly shell-damaged roofs. The SMM observed that the roof of the house was damaged on its western side, which, according to the owner, was the result of shelling the previous day at around 20:00hrs. At the second location, on Shestakova Street 51, the SMM saw a house with a shell-damaged roof. The SMM observed a hole in a window on the western side as well as a hole in an internal wall of the house. The SMM assessed that one round of heavy-machine-gun fire from a south-south-westerly direction had penetrated the window, and had then hit the wall inside the house. The owner of the house stated that shelling had occurred on 4 February at around 20:00hrs. Whilst in Petrovskyi district, the SMM heard seven undetermined explosions 3-5km north from its position…

Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine, based on information received as of 19:30hrs, February 7, 2016

KYIV, Feb 7, 2016 (excerpt):
The SMM observed a significant number of ceasefire violations in Donetsk region and one in Luhansk region. It monitored the withdrawal of weapons. The Mission facilitated and monitored demining and repair works on both sides of the contact line. The SMM encountered freedom-of-movement restrictions, the majority in areas not under government control.* The Mission followed up on an explosion in Kherson that damaged the exterior of a Crimean Tatar Majlis office.

The SMM observed ceasefire violations in several locations in Donetsk region. Whilst at the “DPR”-controlled central railway station (6km north-west of Donetsk city centre) on 6 February between 8:35 and 15:20hrs[1], the SMM heard a total of 13 undetermined explosions and three bursts, as well as up to ten single shots of heavy machine-gun, 3-7km north, north-east, north-north east, north-west, and north-north west of its position.[2] On 6 February, the SMM recorded 30 undetermined automatic grenade launcher explosions and one explosion assessed as caused by 120mm mortar in the area of Maiorsk (government-controlled, 45km north-east of Donetsk) 2km from its position. On 7 February, the SMM recorded seven explosions assessed as caused by 82mm mortar near Oleksandrivka (“DPR”- controlled, 20km south-west of Donetsk).

In Luhansk region, the SMM observed small-arms live-fire training at the Trokhizbenka (government-controlled, 33km north-west of Luhansk) training range on 6 February and no ceasefire violations on 7 February…

Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire regime 40 times on Feb 7, 2016

Novorossiya Today, Feb 7, 2016

Ukraine’s armed forces opened fire on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) 40 times over the past 24 hours , the Donetsk News Agency said on Sunday, referencing the republic’s defense ministry. “The Ukrainian military opened 40 times fire on the territory of DPR,” the ministry said.

Under fire were settlements Alexandrovka, Zhabunki and Spartak; the area around the Volvo Center; and the Donetsk airport. The neo-Nazi military used 82mm mortars, grenade launchers and small arms.

“The losses among civilians demonstrate clearly the punitive forces are targeting not military positions but houses, so as to provoke the republic’s military forces to respond,” the defense ministry said.

On Saturday, a man died of injuries and a 9 year-old girl was injured.

Ukrainian troops have been engaged in fighting with local militias since April 2014 in Kyiv’s punitive operation against the breakaway territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.

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Ukraine junta forces opened fire on our sister republic of Lugansk, ceasefire violations and massive shelling, Novorossiya Today, Feb 7, 2016

Ukrainian forces shell Petrovskiy district of the DPR during OSCE mission visit, reports Basurin, Novorossiya Today, Feb 6, 2016 (full text)

Observers of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE became witnesses of the shelling of the Petrovskiy district in the DPR on February 5, reported the Donetsk News Agency, citing the Deputy Command-In-Chief of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Eduard Basurin.

“The OSCE mission went to the Petrovskiy district yesterday to observe houses which had been struck and at that moment shelling by infantry combat vehicles and small arms was heard,” Basurin reported.

It was earlier reported that Ukrainian fighters shelled the villages of Staromihaylovka, Trudovskie and Alexandrovka in the Petrovskiy and Kirovskiy districts of Donetsk.

According to Basurin, the Ukrainian side shelled suburbs of Donetsk all day on February 5, mainly using mortars of 82 mm caliber.


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