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‘Ukrainian media completely ignored the protest’ (as did Western media!)

By New Cold, April 24, 2015–As many as 1,000 people rallied on April 22 outside the U.S. embassy in Kyiv condemning the war in eastern Ukraine and the intervention of foreign militaries in support of that war. View a video of the rally here or by clicking the screen below.

Rally against war and foreign intervention in Ukraine outside U.S. embassy in Kyiv on April 22, 2015

Rally against war and foreign intervention in Ukraine outside U.S. embassy in Kyiv on April 22, 2015

Placards held by protesters at the rally included “USA: Thanks for poverty” and “We are not cattle”. The latter slogan refers to the military conscription of the Kyiv government as well as the NATO-driven war in eastern Ukraine for which conscription was implemented one year ago.

Police arrested some of the protesters.  Here is a video of a man explaining why he is protesting and holding a placard “USA: Thanks for poverty” (with translation).

Here is a report posted to Facebook by Olga Sidu:
A peaceful rally was held near the US embassy in Kiev, on April 22, at 12.00 pm. The night before the action flyers appeared in Kiev with an appeal to the people of Kiev to come and support the picket.

The action started in the afternoon. Approximately one thousand people came to the picket. There were already a lot of police officers on the spot. They started to use special equipment to suppress cell phone signals of protesters.

People held hundreds of posters: “The United States – the grief of Ukraine”, “USA + weapons = War”, “The US policy – poverty for Ukraine”, “ПОЗОР! ГАНЬБА! SHAME!”. Also big photos of dead children and women of Donbass, as well as the destruction of the region by the war.

At 12.20, activists attempted to block the road, but they were replaced by the police back to the sidewalk. At 12.40, when protesters tried again to block a road, police began beating and arresting people. [Here is a one-minute video of one of the arrests.]

Then police brought vans and threatened to arrest the people if they continue to protest. Activists were pressed against the fence of the Embassy. Dozens of cops approached them wearing flak jackets and with batons. However, people continued to stand and shout “Truth!” And “ПОЗОР! ГАНЬБА! SHAME!” (in three languages).

Twenty of the most active protesters were arrested by police officers. Many cell phones were blocked: users got the messages saying “Your phone is locked under the laws of Ukraine.”
Ukrainian media completely ignored the protest.



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