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By Oleg Tsarev, Aug. 11, 2015, translated from the original Russian at (Russian Spring) by Soviet Bear and Joaquin Flores for Fort Russ

Introduction by Joaquin Flores of Fort Russ: Oleg Tsarev was a leading political figure in the Party of Regions in pre-coup Ukraine. He opposed the Maidan movement and coup as well as closer European integration at the expense of close Russian ties. After the revolution, he became the leader of the Novorossiya assembly. The operations of that body are suspended in deference to the Minsk II ceasefire agreement signed on Feb. 12, 2015.

Tsarev’s forecasting and predictions have been very good to date, given that he understands not only economics but also fourth generation warfare and the relationship between social movements, history, ideology, information and warfare. His general thesis is that the goal of the U.S. in Ukraine is to create a failed state that takes down Russia with it. He restates as much in the article we present below. This view is shared by a number of Fort Russ editors as well as the editors and major contributors of a number of our fraternal sites.

Oleg Tsarev

Oleg Tsarev

Real fascism is a dictatorship, the power of big capital with a nationalist ideology. The proven way of Adolf Hitler was an alliance of big business with the Nazis, under the guise of social-populist slogans.

Just as in Germany in the 1930s where Hitler came to power with National Socialist slogans – I stress the word socialist – and then built relationships with big business, the Ukrainian government came to power in 2014 on anti-oligarchic slogans but in the end it built a relationship with the oligarchs.

It should be noted that the process of building relations between power and big business in Ukraine occurred much faster than in Germany. This is due to the fact that Poroshenko is an oligarch himself and it was much easier for him to negotiate with his friends than it was for Hitler.

The Americans decided that Ukrainian fascism is not successful because it did not enjoy the support of 100 per cent of the oligarchs. Ongoing conflicts between oligarchs themselves and conflict between the oligarchs and the president weaken the country, but Ukraine faces great challenges. Ukraine should fulfill the role of a kamikaze pilot, and has yet to commit a suicide mission.

The mission is complicated because, in particular, the “uncontrolled winged machine” should not fall apart in the middle of flight and scatter on the road but instead reach its target – to bury under its wings as much Russian strategic resources as possible and to explode only after hitting Russian land.

By the way, the passengers of this kamikaze plane (the population of Ukraine) aren’t aware of the purpose and the target of the flight and no one is going to tell them. Moreover, all of them bought tickets to a “happy European future” at the Maidan. Those who are smarter have found that the plane is flying in the wrong direction, but they can’t just leave the plane – they are buckled in.

Immediately after the Maidan had managed to consolidate the oligarchs, some of them were even appointed governors, but that did not last long. All of them quickly began to fight amongst each other over money. Now the Americans are making attempt number two.

According to my information, the oligarchic alliance received approval from the Americans for their existence and instructed them to take responsibility for the economy itself. Oligarch meetings happened more than once, including at Kolomoisky’s residence in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva.

They met first with the desire to establish cooperation in order to counteract the intentions of Poroshenko to take their assets. But the last meeting of more than 20 big and small Ukrainian oligarchs passed completely under the slogan of cooperation with the authorities. The fact is that as a result of post-Maidan events, business assets started to depreciate rapidly.

Petro Poroshenko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Petro Poroshenko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Business is almost impossible. herefore, the interests of business and government in the desire to do something with the economy right now coincide. The negotiator for the president was Sergei Taruta. The Programme of Action was agreed to by Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk. From this, there was a selection of the members of the new government.

Moreover, the conditions are such that it is the oligarchs who select members of the government, but after their task, after this assignment, it is Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk who tell them what to do. The appointees supposedly have to forget about who suggested them, and work exclusively in the public interest without engaging in lobbying.

Of course, it’s hard to believe in all of this. I think neither the oligarchs nor Poroshenko believe in this either. Yatsenyuk is the head of government, and this is a happy occasion for a politician with such low ratings and high anti-ratings such as his.

The creation of a political project under this economic union is not excluded. Simultaneously, negotiations on the establishment of a political union of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk are underway.

You cannot call this plan unpromising or futile. The people who own more than 40 per cent of Ukraine’s GDP have a powerful management team, which they can share with the government. As we have seen, the team of Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko is obviously weak and small. Invited legionaries from Georgia and Moscow are able to complete tasks of public relations, but not to solve the country’s economic problems.

In all of this, no matter how hard Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk try to prop-up big business for a long time, they are doomed to fail.

A default in Ukraine is programmed by the American curators. It is needed in order to be able to buy Ukrainian assets for pennies. And the Russians will not be able to do so. Americans will buy everything. So the oligarchs’ hopes that they will manage their own businesses are hopeless.

After WWI, America injected into Germany about two trillion dollars at today’s rate. The Germans were often forced to sell the businesses or major shares of it. Even Krupp was mostly bought up by businesses from the U.S.. Within a short time-span, as a result of serious investment, the German economy bounced forward, unemployment was almost completely eliminated. Even today, control of many sectors remains in American hands. Even in Deutsche Bank, the largest shareholders are from the United States. The main German media is owned by international companies which are U.S.-controlled. What can I say? The U.S. made some serious money on those events.

Dividends from the profits of German companies were regularly paid all the time even during WWII. Payments were stopped only after the opening of the second front.

It’s funny to watch the moaning Ukrainian politicians. They say that Ukraine is the hope of the free world but that money loaned to Ukraine is much less than loans to Greece. And certainly much less than was injected into Germany in the 1930s or in the Federal Republic of Germany and Japan after WWII.

Today, the Ukrainian government does not understand that no one is going to give them money.

A few things that Ukraine can do very well is to steal and to snitch. Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and others snitched on each other for so long, and described in detail what and how much each one of them stole, that after these revelations only a madman will allocate money to them.

Money can come to Ukraine only after a default, after buying Ukrainian assets at bargain prices after the debt write-off and economic and political reboot. After that, money will be allocated to the American companies in Ukraine and managers appointed by the Americans in the executive branch of government. I predict a drastic increase in the number of representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada and the United States in Ukrainian government. We have observed similar processes with the example of the Baltic countries.

But in any case, even if the money is allocated, it is obvious that the living standards of Ukrainians will not be improved by it.

Today, the first interviews for the next interim government are already taking place. The first candidates that have been proposed by the union of oligarchs and those who I know personally are professional enough.

If all the rest will be on the same level, these appointments will be able to temporarily strengthen the regime. I stress – temporarily. Because the basis of tasks given to the Ukrainian government by its foreign curators is that long-term plans do not matter. The main thing that the airplane called ‘Ukraine’ must reach the destination target, not to fall apart in the air and not to nosedive upon its approach.

What to do with the hostage-passengers on board? I think we should try to change pilots on their aircraft. Will we provide previous pilots along with parachutes while forcing them out of the plane? That depends on the degree of humanism of the passengers themselves.

What about Russians? I think they need to bolster their economy and defenses so that the country could withstand any attacks. Yes, no matter how the flight of the aircraft ends, they must be prepared to aid the survivors. Apart from Russia – no one else can do that.

There’s nothing else we can do. After all, we are one people. Just circumstantially, one part of us lives in one state and another part in the other state.


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