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U.S. Congressional Support for More War spending and AUKUS Anti-China Pact Exposes Cynicism of Biden’s UN Speech Calling for More Diplomacy

Critics Fume as ICC Excludes US From Probe Into Afghan War Crimes

Professor David Miller fired after Israel lobby smear campaign

Helen Dale: The Roots of Australia’s Authoritarianism and Police Corruption

US Congress outlines new phase of economic attacks and hybrid war on Nicaragua’s Sandinista government

WHO/ILO study says nearly 2 million workers globally die from work-related issues each year

Australia and US: Military Pact or Sinister Plot?

Haitian Rights Are Migrant Rights

How Is The CIA Still A Thing?

‘A war that could never be won’: An autopsy of the US war in Afghanistan

‘Cold War-style crusade against dissenters’: Lavrov roasts Biden’s idea of ‘democracy summit’ that ‘divides world into us v them’

Erdoğan to pressure Russia over Syria

September update: Ukraine divided between US administration and local oligarchs

Time is running out for a new agricultural model for the global south

Covid Funds Spent on Police and Prisons

Lest We Forget: The Shocking Crimes of Imperialism

Bolsonaro’s Discreet Charm for the Bourgeoisie

HBO’s Anti-Maduro Propaganda Is Cruder Than Venezuelan Oil

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou reaches deferred prosecution agreement with U.S.

Release of Meng ends a contemptible mess of illegality

US Militarism’s Toxic Impact On Climate Policy


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