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UN official’s briefing on torture of Assange boycotted by US media

Growing calls for Australian government to defend Julian Assange

Haiti and the convenience of imperial amnesia

The Road to Damascus: How the Syria War was Won

Labeled “savages” in times past, today the mobilizing efforts of the indigenous have been associated with the work of “terrorist groups” and “criminal groups” by President Moreno

Trudeau government’s blackface in Haiti

Talking like a mining company: the Escobal mine in Guatemala

The stakes in the Bolivian elections

Authorities refuse to reveal details of people from J&K detained in UP jails under RTI

Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Council abolished

Media says US is considering ways to remove B61 nuclear bombs from Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

U.S. and Turkey agreed on 120 Hours ceasefire in Northeastern Syria to allow YPG withdrawal

An explanation of the Syrian Kurds’ protection deal with Assad

Who are the Turkish-backed forces in latest Syria incursion?

A conversation with legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

Is Canada’s ambassador to Israel an anti-Palestinian racist?

The whole world was watching: the 1919 General Strike and its international legacy of class struggle

Syrian government regains control over country’s northeastern parts

Main points in the agreement between the SDF and the Syrian government

Six months since the brutal arrest of WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange

Jacinda Ardern says economic growth is pointless if people aren’t thriving

Environmentalism of the Global South: the Bolivian example

On Contact: Rebel, rebel with Kevin Zeese and Dr Margaret Flowers

Ecuador: Moreno’s government sacrifices the poor to satisfy the IMF

Ankara’s revolting euphemisms, bogus arguments and pipe dreams

Kurds announce deal with Damascus on troop deployment to confront Turkish offensive


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