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Democracies in Macpherson’s Mirror

Carlos Martinez: US attempts to blame China for the climate crisis are hypocritical and ridiculous

Cuban Leader: The US Government is the True Organizer and Promoter of the Provocation Planned for November in Cuba (+Video)

From Nicaraguan revolutionaries to US embassy informants: How Washington recruited ex-Sandinistas like Dora María Téllez and her MRS party

Korea’s Struggle for Independence, Peace and Reunification: November 21, 2021

‘Deeply unfair’ to blame climate crisis on India and China, campaigners say

Reduction in carbon emissions must be carried out as quickly as possible – and above all by advanced economies

COP26: why advanced countries must proportionately make by far the biggest cuts in carbon emissions – factual briefing

Existing socialism’s successes discredit Friedman’s core argument

Ireland and EU split over Israel’s “terrorist” label for rights groups

Foodstocks, Bio-Fuels and Hunger

Zheng Zeguang: China will honour its climate pledges – look at the changes we have already made

Biden Heads to COP 26 Throttled by Manchin and Trumpists – with Bob Pollin

Solidarity Center Funding Skyrockets for Venezuela and Colombia


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