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One third of Biden’s Pentagon Transition Team hails from organizations financed by the weapons industry

Amazon is censoring ‘Capitalism on a Ventilator: The Impact of Covid-19 in China & the U.S.’

Trump has two months left to attack Iran, and here’s why he might

Was Pompeo serious? Who will (or should) run Biden’s foreign policy? – Phyllis Bennis

Update on Vitaly Markiv case

Trump doubles down on coup d’état

Treason and incompetence: how Soros-trained Armenian government lost Karabakh war

Get ready for chaos regardless of who ends up in the White House

France’s crisis with the Muslim world was entirely avoidable

Dear Shell: After 25 years, are you finally willing to accept your role in the murder of Ogoni 9?

Duplicity and self-deception: Israel, the United States, and the Dimona Inspections, 1964-65

‘Astounding and tyrannical’: Mike Pompeo denounced for vowing smooth transition… for Trump’s second term

Biden won, now what?

Videos and photos: Evo returns to Bolivia / Bolivia. Evo aclamado en Uyuni, Orinoca y Oruro

No Cold War: Uniting against racism and the New Cold War

Under threat from the coupist right but with great popular support, Luis Arce assumes the Presidency of Bolivia

Robert Fisk – death of a ‘controversial’ journalist

The whole movement should reject this cynical attack on Unison’s Roger McKenzie

Joe Biden’s love affair with Israel will pick up where it left off

The king is dead, long live the king

Syrian Kurdish commander sees chance to ease tensions with Turkey under Biden

After Bolivia, never again

Do not be ‘fooled’ that Biden will ensure a fair trade deal with Britain, campaigners warn

US Sanctions on Venezuela Are Deadly — and Facing Mass Resistance

Beware of the Hawk: What to Expect from the Biden Administration on Foreign Policy


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