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What the Supreme Court’s Ayodhya judgment means for the future of the republic

Archeologist who observed dig says no evidence of temple Under Babri Masjid

US-backed coup deposes Evo Morales in Bolivia

We stand against the coup in Bolivia (statement from Noam Chomsky and Vijay Prashad)

Evo Morales Announces his Resignation (Coup d’Etat Consummated)

Lula Is Free

Supreme Court renders Lula imprisonment illegal

Brazil court ends early prison rule, decision could free Lula

Audits of Alberta energy regulator expose a broken agency

Israel’s supreme court orders expulsion of Human Rights Watch campaigner

Trump’s amity with Erdogan deepens Turkey’s isolation

Journalist Max Blumenthal arrested on false charge in DC

Panel criticizes ‘unacceptable practices’ in the OPCW’s investigation of the alleged Douma chemical attack

Justice for Lula, Peace for Brazil

Disaster: Brazilian government can’t find oil spill source

Evo Morales: fraud allegations are pretext for coup

Media conceal Chile’s state criminality, delegitimize Bolivian democracy

Julian Assange calls for workers to organise in his defence

The US double standard in Venezuela vs. Honduras

Democratic hopeful Sanders urges giving chunk of US military aid to Gaza instead

Syrian War Report – Nov 6, 2019: SDF Supporters Block Joint Turkish-Russian Patrol

Bolivian right-wing activates ‘electoral fraud’ contingency plan against Morales

The enemy within

Twitter censors news from Palestine

China breaks the western debt stranglehold on the world

The White House plan to strangle Iran

US Indigenous Leader Nick Estes Addresses Nicolás Maduro

President al-Assad of Syria gives interview to al-Sourya and al-Ikhbarya TV

El Salvador expels all Venezuela’s diplomats, gives them 48 hours to leave country

Why killing “high-valued targets” like Baghdadi won’t destroy ISIS

Stephen Lewis and the NDP’s liberal imperialism

Colombia’s local elections mark milestone in major cities


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