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The United States Is Unworthy of Him

Pentagon warns of direct Russia-NATO clash

German army discussed strike on Crimean Bridge, leaked audio purportedly indicates

Scholz slammed for revealing UK troop presence in Ukraine

China’s economy is still far out growing the U.S. – contrary to Western media “fake news”

China: Palestine has right to armed struggle

Another lie debunked: Daesh, not Assad, behind 2015 Syria chemical attack

Report Exposes Alleged Extortion Scheme by Modi Govt & Key Agencies

Why Would Anyone Kill One’s Self In an Attempt to Stop A War?

Statement by ANSWER National Director Brian Becker on the Self-Immolation of U.S. Airman Aaron Bushnell at the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C.

Highlight: Ralph Wilde’s remarks at the International Court of Justice

Geopolitical Economy Hour: The reality of Bidenomics: How good was Biden for the economy?

Chinese-style Modernization Ensures Significant Economic Growth

Russia’s victory in Ukraine resonates in Central Asia

Escalation against China: Painting the Eye of War on the Buddha

Israel turns ‘safe’ corridor into trap to kill displaced people of Gaza

USSR 1989-91: The “democratic counter-revolution” of the nomenklatura

Canada’s Nazi Problem and the Moscow Declaration

Hugo Chávez, Xi Jinping, and a global community of shared future

Has Sora Widened the AI Gap Between the US and China?


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