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“Hands that hold the plough will never plead”, Indian farmers’ protest completes 200 days

‘I can’t breathe’: Turkish police detain AFP photojournalist during Istanbul Pride march

June update: good cop – bad cop, as US softens and UK warmongers over Ukraine

The Imminent Coup In Peru

Peru Rules Out Two Appeals To Reject June 6 Elections’ Results

Fujimori Clan’s Political Operator Plots Against Pedro Castillo

Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment

What Western Appraisals of Kenneth Kaunda Left Out

The Guaidó Era: A Sixth, Very Long Coup Attempt

The world says no to the blockade of Cuba

Belarusian defense minister analyzes new military occupation of Europe

Warmongering British Actions in the Black Sea

The Shining Lies Canadians Are Told about Lowering Emissions

What Does “From the River to the Sea” Really Mean?

Tasmania’s toxic secret

Class not culture: why white working class kids are really being let down

US seizes dozens of Iranian websites including state-run news outlets

What happened to Glenn Greenwald? Trump happened – and put the left’s priorities to the test

Brazil Senate Inquiry Follows the Money in ‘Scandalous’ Covaxin Deal with India

Black Sea: U.S., Ukraine to lead naval exercise with 32 nations from six continents

Official data lays bare deepening poverty in Turkey

Portugal: Stuck Between Two Giants

Israeli Apartheid? Look No Further Than This Racist Law

Australia has prosecuted a brave individual. People who speak up keep getting arrested

Turkey and Pakistan’s plan to control Afghanistan

Johnson’s ’tilt’ to China getting nowhere

Canada’s attempt to lead anti-China joint statement on Xinjiang doomed to fail: Chinese Mission Spokesperson

European Court of Justice Says Venezuela Can Appeal Against Sanctions

Justicia europea decide que Venezuela puede impugnar sanciones de UE

US Eases Some Sanctions Against Venezuela to ‘Address the Pandemic’

‘A crime’: Venezuela says U.S. sanctions disrupting payments to vaccine-sharing facility

Disease as a Weapon: Has the US Blocked Vaccines For Venezuela?

Trudeau must investigate those who incite hatred against Muslims

The G7’s role in the world

B’nai Brith Canada must rethink its undemocratic and contradictory advocacy of Israel’s Jewishnes

Cotler’s appointment encourages promoters of anti-Palestinian racism


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