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My relatives went to a Catholic school for Native children. It was a place of horrors

Australia ranked dead last in world for climate action in latest UN report

Media Applaud the New Cold Wars—but Could US Be More Aggressive, Please?

US-EU-Canada: A Shameless Admission of Punishing Venezuela

Flotilla on the warpath

The left must resolutely oppose the US-led New Cold War on China

‘Neither Washington nor Beijing!’

China pulls itself out of poverty 100 years into its Revolution

Xi Jinping’s speech on the centenary of the Communist Party of China

A Remarkable Silence: Media Blackout After Key Witness Against Assange Admits Lying

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, “The Law, the Rights and the Rules”, Moscow, June 28, 2021

Curated Discourse, Narrative Artists and the Coming Conflicts

From 30 million cases to zero: China is certified malaria-free by WHO

US Media Give New Respect to Lab Leak Theory—Though Evidence Is as Lacking as Ever

Reasons to support the Communist Party of China (CPC) on its 100th anniversary

What the 100th anniversary of the CPC means for humanity

Eurispes academic report: Xinjiang – understanding complexity, building peace

Friends of Socialist China: China’s Path to Zero Poverty

A century of the Communist Party of China: the Cultural Revolution

Winnipeg MP calling for criminal charges against those involved with residential schools

Lower Kootenay Band says remains of 182 human beings found in unmarked graves near residential school

Canada’s violence can no longer be masked by shallow national identity

The Imperialism of human rights and the human rights of imperialism

‘Sorry’ is the gild on the sword of liberal imperialism

Time to look into Canada’s heinous crime in human rights history

“Canada will be known as the nation that tried to exterminate the First Nations”: Cowessess First Nation finds signs of 751 unmarked graves at former residential school

MP Charlie Angus: The government knew. The churches knew. Now Canada fully knows.

We don’t need your shock, we need reparations and Land Back

How Canada committed genocide against Indigenous Peoples, explained by the lawyer central to the determination

On Contact: Judicial lynching

Operation Barbarossa: Myths and reality

Trudeau must rethink his contradictory dual allegiance to democracy and apartheid

Impoverished hometown is key to Pedro Castillo’s politics

“Hands that hold the plough will never plead”, Indian farmers’ protest completes 200 days


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