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Russia shutters Georgian democracy

Spectre of British colonialism is haunting Hong Kong

Zelensky gets tough with defence minister over attempts to sabotage ‘indefinite ceasefire’ In Eastern Ukraine

Lies about Iran killing US troops in Iraq are a ploy to justify war

UCSC emerita professor Angela Davis to be inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame

Iran Seizes 2 British Tankers In Strait of Hormuz (Updated)

Iran Is “Concerned” US may have accidentally downed own drone over Hormuz

Tulsi Gabbard pushes no war agenda – and the media is out to kill her chances

Turkey goes its own way

Would Blacklisting Iran’s IRGC and Increasing US Military Presence in the Persian Gulf Lead to Hostilities in the Strait of Hormuz? PART 1

Would Blacklisting Iran’s IRGC and Increasing US Military Presence in the Persian Gulf Lead to Hostilities in the Strait of Hormuz? PART 2

Hypocrisy Taints UK’s Media Freedom Conference

From the “Destruction” of Chavismo to the Epicentre to the Anti-Imperialist Left

MH17 – Call for Justice

Iran faces US aggression and European hypocrisy, but this time it’s ready

Brazil under Lula & Dilma disrupted US plans for South America, says former ambassador

Blaming Russia, China, Iran And North Korea In Latin America: US SOUTHCOM

Unification of Arab parties bad news for Netanyahu

Thirty Years After Tiananmen Square, the U.S. is Still Trying to destabilize China

Iran vs. Spineless Europe

Polish parliament votes to criminalise communist ideas: defend democratic rights!

Read Labour’s full complaint to the BBC as tensions flare over Panorama’s antisemitism episode

The real history of Britain’s relations with Hong Kong

Some reflections on the United States and China

Will Nationalism Poison Ukraine’s New President?

Zelensky Proposes Lustration Of Government Officials Who Served After 2014 Maidan

De Zayas: UN Human Rights Council’s Report on Venezuela is ‘Unbalanced’ (1/2)

UN Report on Venezuela Fails to Reflect the Causes and Severity of the Economic Crisis – Why? (2/2)

Is Baoshang Bank China’s Lehman Brothers?

If you provoke the entire world, something may happen

‘We will respond with force’: Former Turkish military leader issues warning to Washington amid S-400 tension


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