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Majority of Finns oppose deployment of NATO’s nuclear weapons: survey

Ukraine, Ecocide and Complicity – or, why the climate movement should not allow itself to become a fig leaf for NATO

Mainstream Media Colludes with U.S. Government To Conceal Source of Syria’s Heartbreaking Humanitarian Crisis

The Future of International Criminal Law

NATO chief’s extension shows the bloc’s cracks from within

China makes a move in the war for critical materials

Iran issues call to non-Western states

An inability to recognise the global connectivity of events

Ukraine Timeline Tells the Story

41 Countries Ready To Accept BRICS Currency a Month Before Summit


US Legally Owes Nicaragua Reparations, but Still Refuses to Honor 1986 International Court of Justice Ruling

Bolivia Forges Lithium Extraction Partnerships with China and Russia

Argentina Enables Deposits in Yuan for Local Bank Accounts

Argentina’s central bank enables yuan accounts, a great advancement in promoting financial efficiency

BRICS diplomat comments on what is drawing countries to the bloc

Settler Colonial Racism on Canada Day

Ukraine issues ultimatum to NATO

Prigozhin goes into exile but left behind a can of worms

Is Japan once again treading the path of aggressive militarism?

OceanGate and How the Wealthy Kill

“Diplomatic relations with Syria should be restored and sanctions lifted”: interview with Gunnar Lindemann, German Parliament member

How Ukraine Torture Sites Became New Norm

Green Party figures in U.S. and Canada condemn the NATO provocations leading to conflict in Ukraine, but muddy the waters with condemnation of Russia

Wagner’s revolt weakening Putin’s authority ‘wishful thinking’ of the West: experts

US woos India’s far-right PM Modi to help wage new cold war on China


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