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Using Democratic Institutions to Smash Democratic Aspirations (the Brazil Model): The Twenty-Fifth Newsletter (2019)

Freedom Rider: Iran and Endless War

Venezuela Reveals Violent Opposition Plot for Coup Attempt

The Hybrid War Against Iran

Whatever happened to ‘reasonable doubt? – four takes on the MH17 attempted show trial

Trade war – bad polls & bad economic numbers pressure Trump

Trump may already be in too deep to avoid war with Iran

Is an Iranian activist who wrote dozens of articles for right-wing outlets a real person?

June update: The political ‘dance’ of Ukraine’s new president; one step forward, one step back

Opposition retakes Istanbul mayor’s office to find powers shrinking

Iran has no good options in responding to American pressures

Galapagos Islands will now serve US military as airfield

Why Venezuela Is the Vietnam of Our Time

From coup leaders to con artists: Juan Guaidó’s gang exposed for massive humanitarian aid fraud

The victory of the opposition in Istanbul: A sign for Erdoğan?

UN Rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer becomes one of Assange’s most vocal advocates

This celebrated Western-funded nonprofit collaborated with al-Qaeda to wage lawfare on Syria

Iran and US officials attend a Russian security forum but nobody is talking about it

Accelerating Imperial Decline


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