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Russia has a new government. What we know

Trump declared the Third Nakba

Hidden in plain sight

China’s virus response has been ‘breathtaking’

US company laying off its 424 staff at Incirlik air base

Consortium News strikes back: London’s Five Eyes & Freeland’s Nazi roots stand exposed once more…

Top five ways Trump plan for Palestinians is a crime against humanity

An open letter to Justin Trudeau on Venezuela

Lula’s foreign minister on Iran diplomacy and Brazil’s sharp turn to the right

How western left media helped legitimate US regime change in Venezuela

Michael Lynk: Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan will not bring peace – the US and Israel know this

January update: air crash in Iran and the depopulation of Ukraine

Exclusive: Giuliani told U.S. his client deserves leniency for financing Venezuela’s opposition – Parnas

Venezuela, January 2020: hardship and resistance

Trump in Davos: US isolationism is reaching Its final narcissistic chapter

Iran becomes the prize to America’s warring parties’ rites of war

Trump’s “win-win” plan hands everything to Israel

Trump and Netanyahu dictate terms of Palestinian surrender to Israel and call it peace

Militants’ defense in southeastern Idlib has collapsed; Maarat Al-Numan about to fall

Bolivia: MAS presents official presidential ticket

WikiLeaks editor: US is saying first amendment doesn’t apply to foreigners in Assange case

Trump plan said to give Israel sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, all settlements

An interview with Lula: part one

The origins of Western Hubris and the destiny of Northern exceptionalism (西方傲慢的起源和北方例外论的命运)

Mexico takes action on coup in Bolivia and on CELAC

The far right, the Euromaidan, and the Maidan massacre in Ukraine

Wahrheit macht frei; the truth sets you free

Venezuela must remain vigilant & on guard against US hybrid warfare

Japan’s collaboration with Washington: anything goes as long as it’s against China


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