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A letter to Maclean’s editor on: When it comes to Venezuela, Canada’s on the wrong side of the coup

Mistrial in Trump admin’s biased case against Venezuelan embassy protectors is win for sovereignty

The powerful example of the Wet’suwet’en resistance

Siding with Israel, Germany says ICC has no jurisdiction in Palestinian Territories

Canada to host Lima Group ministers meeting on Venezuela next week

Arreaza: “US coercive measures are mass destruction weapons”

When it comes to Venezuela, Canada’s on the wrong side of the coup

‘Burned at the stake’: UN Special Rapporteur on torture demolishes fake claims targeting Julian Assange

Exclusive: new leaks shatter OPCW’s attacks on Douma whistleblowers

US Senate passes “War Powers Resolution” taking away Trump’s Iran war gamble

Canada does not deserve seat at UN Security Council: opinion

Can journalism be saved?

The nCov19 (COVID-19) epidemic: a short and provisional summary

Clean energy, dirty dealing: Syrian Druze resist greenwashing of Golan occupation

The US, Iran and the danger of war

What is a ‘practical’ democratic candidate? Sanders co-chair Nina Turner has some thoughts

Media darling Pete Buttigieg was in unit that worked with the CIA in Afghanistan

How the UK is violating international and domestic law

Canada celebrates agents of Palestinian misery

A new film investigates how the CIA and MI6 destroyed Iranian democracy

Germany, France and Australia to withdraw troops from Iraq, US moving troops out of 15 bases

Saudi-led coalition in Yemen to lose even more of its Sudanese backbone

U.S. & NATO rush to add fuel to fire of Idlib conflict

New Hampshire 2020: in supreme irony, the horse race favors Bernie Sanders

When ‘the truth’ bombs

Venezuela says will sue US over economic damages of sanctions

Turkish-led forces fail to capture Naryab as Syrian army makes more gains in Greater Idlib

US sanctions Venezuela again “to prove socialism doesn’t work”

We will not recognise the end of democracy when it comes…

Objections to Jamaica deportation flight from UK ignored despite Windrush warning

The Trump plan is just a cover for Israel’s final land grab

Embassy protectors will not be able to tell jury Guaido is not president, or mention international law

Trump’s and Netanyahu’s folly

He died for our debts, not our sins

‘An Appalling act of industrial vandalism’: Japanese officials’ PR for plan to dump Fukushima water into ocean

Planting one trillion trees might not actually be a good idea

American empire mistakenly believes shale revolution will continue until 2050 and beyond: Part one

Boris Johnson is leading a revolution, and this time it’s coming from the right


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